ALI resources

Over the years, I've come upon my fair share of recommended resources for those on this journey. Some of them have been lifesavers, others I could have done without. Below is a running list of resources I've found useful. This page is a work in progress.


-What To Do When You Can't Get Pregnant by Daniel Potter and Jennifer Hanin. 
A good place to start for those who are newly diagnosed and wondering what their options are. 
-Conquering Infertility by Alice Domar
-Navigating the Land of IF by Melissa Ford
-Silent Sorority by Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos
-Sweet Grapes by Jean and Michael Carter

-Bitter Infertiles Podcast:


-The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption by Lori Holden; with Crystal Hass
-Hospitious Adoption by James Gritter
- Adopting: Sound Choices, Strong Families by Patricia Irwin Johnston

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