Thursday, May 28, 2015

When the waiting gets hard

It's been over a week since Grey's interview. Over a week of waiting. An all too familiar type of wait. The told Grey they would get back to him about this position this week. Today is Thursday and we still haven't heard a word. All on the heels of job offers here for me, which would delay a transition.

It goes without saying that anxiety is high and we're both a bit depressed. Despite follow-ups to Grey's thank you emails that all sounded promising, we're preparing ourselves for bad news. Scheduling time needed to continue the job hunting process while grieving the loss of something that seemed so promising.

All of this reminds me of those previous two week waits, where so much was riding on the end. Where hope initially was high only to fizzle out at the end. I remember all too well those similar feelings of defeat and rejection all before the betas. How hard it was not to cry over such a great loss.

So I've been pulling out my toolbox of tricks to get through this period. Distraction being one. Reminding Grey that I believe in him even when it seems like the world doesn't.

And of course, music to calm the voices of doubt and fear.

Tomorrow is Friday. Maybe we'll get lucky.


  1. I hate waiting too. Feeling waiting antsy right now, so I get your head space right now... Good luck to you guys. Let what the universe has in store for you be exactly what is perfect for your family...

    Moonbeam and I loved that little video too. Thank you!

  2. sending you and Grey good vibes! It's always hard to wait for something you really want and I think the anticipation makes the bad news even harder to take.

  3. Fingers crossed for you both. I hope you get an answer tomorrow. Is it worth chasing them up? I've had to wait recently. The professionals forget to get back to you, and don't seem to realise how hard it can be to wait for something that is relatively minor for them, but potentially life changing for us.

  4. Ugh waiting is the worst and especially for something like this. I am hoping you guys receive a pleasant surprise and he is offered the position! Thinking of you.

  5. Brutal! Saying a prayer that today is the day for good news!

  6. I haaaate this particular wait, and, unfortunately, it seems like we've been in the midst of it for years. I hope your wait ends with good news!

  7. I hope you get word soon. There is nothing like not knowing to drive you crazy. Especially when it's about your future. I wish you calm and steady nerves as you wait this out.


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