Wednesday, October 5, 2016

In a moment

I've been cranky lately. Maybe it's the weather change combined with things being up in the air, but my mood hasn't been the best lately. This morning on the bus wasn't much different. Hiding behind a pair of sunglasses I attempted to distract myself for all the negative, growing more agitated with all the heavy traffic and how late I was running.

After an hour I decided walking 2 miles would be faster. So off the bus I hopped, passing a long line of cars and finding myself frustrated by the number of times I had to cross the street due to construction.

Then I saw the police lights. Followed by multiple filming crews. Suddenly I found myself on a block totally devoid of traffic. Police tape wrapped around a large intersection. And then the red curtains.

People on both sides just staring.

"He's dead," someone whispered into their phone.

"Never try to outrun a semi," another said.

Just like that, getting into work didn't matter. Experimental plans could be modified. What mattered more was checking in with Grey and checking on the Beats. Because in a moment it can all be gone. Today some family has to face that.


  1. Very true. a friend of mine once wondered why people get so angry and frustrated when they are delayed on the road by an accident. "Shouldn't we be grateful to not be in an accident," was her comment. I hadn't looked at it that way but yes! City driving is totally a necessary evil to me. My commute to work is about 10 minutes of easy driving, and that is a big reason I'm a working parent. I won't do long commutes.

  2. Holy shit Cristy. That's crazy. I hope you're doing ok after that... perspective hey?

  3. Sometimes I think that the universe or god or whatever you believe in has a way of teaching you a lesson that you didn't know that you needed. Take nothing for granted and live each day as if it could be your last.

  4. Oh, no. What a sobering thing to stumble upon. I've been frustrated at delays and then horrified to find that my delay equated to a complete change in life for another family or person. Such a perspective-building, raw moment.

  5. Something like that always puts things into perspective, doesn't it. How horrible for that person and their poor family.

  6. So much about this crash and tragedy makes me sad... and angry, especially as a mom/cyclist. This was actually someone I have met before. Also, there is a young child involved who will never see that parent again. I am so sorry you had to witness that.

  7. Wow, powerful. It is important to zoom out once in awhile. I get so focused on the little things (which only seem big). When I zoom out, I can be so full of gratitude for all that I have right here, right now.

    Thanks for the reminder <3.

    (And I wish for this man's loved ones peace and comfort.)

  8. As a cyclist married to a cyclist I worry about these situations. S witnessed a guy running a red light who got hit and luckily survived. It really brings it home when you witness these things. It only takes a second.....


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