Monday, October 17, 2016

MicroblogMondays: from infertile soil

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This past weekend Grey and I took the Beats apple picking. Per recommendations from Grey's coworkers, we selected an older orchard that was only 30 mins away, allowing us a morning of fun without having to sacrifice nap time.

As Grey and I chased two excited preschoolers among the trees, Grey pointed out the large granite stones embedded in the earth. Tapping them, I immediately had visions of how destructive they would be to a plow, making farming for crops a next to impossible event.

Yet the trees didn't seem to mind. In fact, as Grey pointed out, they were thriving. Soil that was not fit for farming was actually perfect for an orchard.

I've been thinking a lot about this observation and how this theme plays throughout life. There's my current theme of career transition (so much going on there at the moment), but there have been other themes too. From life goals to dating to family building. There's what I originally had in my mind as being ideal and perfect, fighting to make something work that clearly wasn't a good fit.

How I use to curse this seemingly infertile soil I had been given.

Without that soil, though, I wouldn't have discovered some amazing fruits. Something precious that most aren't willing to consider given the toil involved.

We're told we reap what we sow. But often it's more than that given where we are sowing seeds. Infertile soil that can yield something special.


  1. I love this. So true, from beginning to end (nap time is just as important as observations about life).

  2. Yes indeed. It's all too easy to forget that it's not just what seeds we're sowing but where, that life is complicated and those fruits can spring out of places where they're least expected. Really enjoyed this, a good point and reminder.

  3. Huge smile reading this. It looks like you've found the silver lining in the title.

  4. Oh, gorgeous! I love the analogy. And your pie looks amazing. I hope that you continue to harvest special fruit from seemingly infertile soil.

  5. This is a well timed reminder! Thanks!

  6. As usual, another great analogy, Cristy. And yay for going to an apple orchard! That apple pie looks incredible!

  7. What a powerful lesson (not to mention fun afternoon!) "Not ideal" does not mean "without promise and potential." Very good thing for me to remember. I think as humans we almost always want things to be straightforward and easy so we think that good circumstances and odds will always bring good luck and success. But they don't, necessarily, and the less than ideal and/or unwanted circumstances sometimes *do* bring luck and success.

  8. Such a powerful metaphor. You've made me grateful for more than just the obviously "good" stuff. For that I thank you.

  9. This brought tears to my eyes. I wouldn't have Moonbeam without my own infertile soil. Thank you friend! 💜


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