Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Episode 13 and Lulu strikes back

Ladies and Gentlemen: Lulu is in the house. She rode in this morning on the BCP express and proceeded greet me by wrapping me in her bear hug of depression. Plus she brought presents (headaches, drowsiness and spaciness). Gotta love Lulu.

But enough bitching and on to something far more entertaining. Episode 13 of Bitter Infertiles is live. Click here to listen. In additions to an update on Shelley (if you haven't stopped by her blog, please do so and give her support), we had a special guest this week to help us tackle the all important topic of second-guessing yourself: Amanda! We had a lot of fun talking with her, so thank you Amanda for spending a few hours chatting with us.

Off to practice my chock-hold on Lulu.


  1. I've asked the bouncers to kindly escort Lulu out of the building. Please standby.

  2. Right, I am off for a listen.

  3. Can you remind me what Shelley's blog is?

    1. Here's the URL: http://fromthewaitingroom.wordpress.com/

      Also, you can find her on the Bitter Infertiles blog under "About"

  4. Interesting name for the monthly flow. With having endo I sometimes get twice monthly flows.

  5. Lulu is a major b*tch and I seriously dislike her.


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