Sunday, December 23, 2012


"It isn't as if there was anything very wonderful about my little corner. Of course for people who like cold, wet, ugly bits it is something rather special."
-Eeyore, The House at Pooh Corner

A few weeks ago, when the suppression medication was in full effect,  I had a meltdown in David's office. Prior to sobbing and confusing all my fears to both David and Grey, I noticed a copy of "Eeyore's Gloomy Litte Instruction Book" in the waiting room. Grey and I had previously flipped through it together, giggling at the relevance of the many Eeyore quotes. At the end of my sob session, I asked David if I could borrow the copy. He agreed, given that I complete the following assignment: I needed to figure out a way to remind myself not to be Eeyore. To not allow the world around me to control my life but to instead live it the way I wanted it to be.

Immediately, Grey turned to me and instructed me that I had to knit Eeyore. That not only was I long overdue in picking up the needles again, but Eeyore was required prior to doing a FET.

So, after a bit of searching, I found this pattern.

And after knitting a Secret Santa gift for Grey's coworker, I got to work.

The end result is this: Meet our holy-shit-we-hope-this-works FET mascot, Eeyore

With Christmas around the corner, I won't have time to show David or Dee prior to our baseline on Friday, but I'm hoping they'll get a kick out of him.


  1. Awe I love Eeyore! I hope he brings good luck. Can't believe your baseline is so close. I am so very optomistic for you and Grey!

  2. What a beautiful gift you have. The ability to make something pretty all from yarn is so impressive. I'm glad you were able to do this for yourself and I hope you found the exercise soothing. You've blessed so many other people with your gift and talents that it was great to read that you picked up the knitting needles again for yourself this time. This anonymous commenter wishes you peace and understanding with this entire process.

  3. That is super cute. You should take orders. I think there's a lot of us out here who could use mascots to do the gloomy thinking for us!

  4. That is incredible!

    And holy shit, I hope your FET works too :)

  5. I absolutely love that! And...I love what you wrote here: "To not allow the world around me to control my life but to instead live it the way I wanted it to be."

    I need to remember that. :) Anyways - I'm hoping and praying so hard for you guys!!

  6. I love it! I have a tendency to be a little Eeyore-ish, too. I hope your little mascot brings you lots of luck and keeps the gloomy thinking to himself!

  7. I love him! Thinking of you and this cycle.

  8. Eeyore holds a special place in my heart, perhaps because I can relate to him so well. I love your knit Eeyore and I hope he brings you luck. Let him carry all your gloomy thoughts for you so you can be free to hope. :)

  9. Eeyore is just too cute! You did a great job!
    Just catching up on your blog, which I found thru the Bitter Infertiles podcast. Thank you for speaking for your sisters out there.
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  10. so cool, cristy! nice job. I too identify with eeyore more often than not. Hope he brings you luck!!!

  11. sweet! i llove you're eeyore. i'm too chicken to try knitting anyh'thing more than a scarf or washcloth.
    good luck for this more positive cycle.

  12. Great idea! So proud of you Cristy... One step closer!

  13. What fabulous therapy, to create and get to know intimately the thing you want to understand and release.

    He's so loveable. I hope Grey's suggestion turns out to help you manifest Pooh.

    Wishing you a fulfilling 2013.

  14. This is awesome Cristy! Love it!

  15. Eeyore is my favorite character in the Pooh series. I love your "stuffie" as we call them around here: I think he's the perfect mascot for your FET, for the same reasons Lori so beautifully articulated above.


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