Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Soundtrack of their first months: Elevate

Friendly reminder and warning regarding posts about the Beats: As always, feel free to skip these posts if you are not in a good place, need to guard your heart or simply find them unbearably cheesy.

Back at the beginning of January, I was reading a number of posts for various bloggers reflecting on the previous year and hopes for the new one. One particular theme that I loved was picking a single word or phrase for the upcoming year as a symbol for what is desired or to sum up the previous year. Thinking back on the past few years, I struggle with this as there is so much wrapped up with each one, from personal growth, hope, heartbreak and facing death. But with 2014, both Grey and I have been very clear with our intentions from the get go: 2014 is meant to be a year of transition, both mentally, emotionally and even physically. There's currently a lot going on behind the scenes that I promise to eventual share, but those first steps we've already taken (both of us have new employment and a new outlook on what we want from our careers) have been both frightening and freeing.

One morning, as we were preparing for the first feed of the day, a new song came on the radio. In an effort to distract the Beats while Grey finished warming a bottle, we had a little dance party in bed. Though this song was time perfectly for this and was meant to be nothing more initially, the tune stuck with me throughout the day. Reflecting on the lyrics later made me realize that the title was our theme for 2014. That Grey and I are no longer looking outward to achieve our goals, but solely looking to ourselves.

St. Lucia - Elevate
I don't know how you do it
But somehow you've always will be there
And there's nothing to it
But somehow you've always understand

There's no way to wake up now
Too many times I saw you cry
No one can make up ...
You wait for the sun to make the sky

No one elevates you, elevates you now
And no one is going to take you, going to take you there

All this time, never thought I would see you smile
Know that I, and I know that I see it now
But I know I can't walk it
Never go back again
No matter how, tonight I'll
Never go back, never go back again

No one elevates you, elevates you now
And no one is going to take you, going to take you there

You know that I want to get away
And I cannot wait another day
You know I want to elevate
Time to pick up and celebrate

No one elevates you, elevates you now
And no one is going to take you, going to take you there

Hold on to your heart


  1. What a great word for the year ahead! We're also in transition, and it's exhausting, but hopefully leading to better things ahead. I hope that's true for your family as well!

  2. Can't wait to hear your news when the time is right to share. Transitions of any kind can be hard but it sounds like you have a good positive outlook!


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