Monday, June 30, 2014


Looking for advice on this post. Like so many, we've been hit with hand, foot & mouth disease. Also known as "my G_d! what are you doing to that child?!?!" disease. Both Beats have sores in the back of their mouths, resulting in nursing strikes, increased fussiness and whining and general disdain for their current situation. And then there's the rash, with blisters and lesions that make even the most unsympathetic person grimace and ask "does it hurt?" Apparently they don't, but still.

So, for those who have survived HFMD, here are my questions.

1) How does one get over a nursing strike after HFMD? They both scream at the sight of exposed boob, so I'm not even trying anymore till we know they're in the clear. But is there hope or are my breastfeeding days over?

2) For the rash, any suggestions on creams or ointments to help with healing?

3) How long did it take for everything to clear up? I've heard anywhere from 6-10 days, but please share your experience.

4) For those who had baby eczema, did you find that the rash was worse? Also, what about heat? Just taking them to the doctor seems to have made things worse.

5) Any other tidbits? Suggestions? Sage words of advice? We're currently rocking both babies to sleep at night, with He-Beat especially being inconsolable and wanting to snuggle. Normally falling asleep isn't an issue for him (that's She-Beat's area), so it's clear he's been hurting.


  1. Not you too! I'm waiting on my full post, but:
    Day 1: fever
    Day 2: red blisters
    Day 3: more/worse blisters
    Day 4: no worsening, some healing, appetite returned somewhat
    Day 5: noticeable healing, orange scabbyness
    Day 6: looks much better, still scabs

    That's as far as we've gotten! D never refused milk, but if say by day 3 it was much much better. So I guess I'd say keep offering and offer lots of water if they drink it.

    Good luck!

  2. I'm so sorry you are going through this. I have never dealt with it but I can SO imagine. I think SIF is also experiencing this. I hope all is well soon and those Beats regain anything they have lost. Thinking of you.

  3. Ohmygosh, the twins both had this about a month ago and one had a double ear infection on top! Our dr said that older kids who had it said the blisters were painful so she advised giving them Tylenol/ibuprofen every few hours. We used a moisturizing lotion as they tend to have dry skin anyhow, so that helped a little. They only ate (which was very little) cold things and did drink more milk than usual which was ok to make up for the lack of eating. It took about 5 days for the blisters to not be water-filled so they were out of daycare for a week, but had the spots for about 2 weeks. Now after the two weeks, their skin started peeling which is normal and we just kept applying more lotion. Good luck! We also kept the four of us in quarantine and lots of hand washing.

  4. hfm is the devil.

    Mine had it at 14 months; he was already weaned. I can't offer any advice on that. All I do know is he barely ate anything for days--like 4 or 5 days. And the sores were soooooo bad. He got them all over his body. We broke the no TV rule and kept him on the couch with homemade popsicles, water, and movies.

    I didn't apply any lotion or anything to the sores.
    When he had HFM, this was the first time I realized that parenting was truly 24/7. I mean, yes, I knew that already, but it really hit me because I was up all night and day, holding, comforting, and wanted a break. But there was no break.

    Hang in there.

  5. D had it a couple of months ago. He wouldn't eat...just barely drank smoothies that I made, but that was it. My pedi told me to give a mix of baby benadryl and malox for the throat sores (1/4 t of each). For topical, we used a combination of Aquaphor and neosporin. Aquaphor twice or more a day. He had no scarring at all and his skin cleared up pretty quickly.

  6. UGH blogger ate my comment :(

    Aquaphor and neosporin for the sores and then we did 1/4 t each (mixed) malox and benadryl for the throat sores (pediatrician's recommendation). He didn't eat well for a few days, but he would drink smoothies that I made.

  7. We *just* had this last week! What a miserable experience all around!

    1) B went on a 1 day nursing strike, but it took him a few days to get back to his normal schedule. That resulted in clogged ducts for me which wasn't fun, but what else is new?!

    2) For the rash, we just used California Baby unscented lotion to moisturize. He got it the worst on his back and arms.

    3) He started coming down with what we thought was a heat rash on his back on Sunday and had a temp of 100. By Monday it had spread to his arms and his temp was 102. Monday night/Tuesday morning was the worst by far and we almost ended up in the ER because he would not sleep more than 20 minute stretches, was vomiting what little he would nurse, and was screaming because his throat hurt. Wednesday he started feeling a little better but the rash got worse and was on his face and hands/feet. Thursday was kind of a transition day...fussy, picky, tired. Friday was his first 1/2 day in daycare because he seemed better (and I had to work or was going to get fired). Over the weekend he made a full recovery and now just has a few scabs on his arms and legs.

    4) For those who had baby eczema, did you find that the rash was worse? Also, what about heat? Just taking them to the doctor seems to have made things worse.

    5) I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this x2. We basically let B eat whatever he wanted for the few days that he was striking all food sources. He ate some really cold cantaloupe and a few other non-acid fruits like bananas. He also drank really cold water and we let him suck on some frozen peaches. The good thing was that on Saturday, he made up for all the days that he didn't eat by eating and nursing a TON.

    I hope they develop a vaccine for this! Good luck, mama. I hope the Beats feel better really soon!

  8. I am absolutely no help with this, but wanted to wish the beats a fast recovery!

  9. Oh no! We have so far escaped any outbreaks, but I feel for you. I hope they get better in a few days. Also hope you and Grey find some relief from 24/7 care soon. ((hug))

  10. Oh no Cristy! This is also going around in my neck of the woods and from what I hear, there seems to be very little a mama can do. Thinking of you guys!

  11. Oh my goodness, Cristy. I'm so sorry you and the beats are going through this. I wish I had something to offer in the way of help on this subject but I don't. Good luck my friend.

  12. Poor babies! I have no experience so I can't help but prayers for the beats!


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