Wednesday, December 3, 2014


big world little feet
small hands will move to meet
your toys and sugar sweets
when you start to crawl

you'll use your hands and knees
go wherever you please
you cannot wait to be
big enough to crawl

 and everything will be right
 when you can walk upright
 down the stairs and the hall
but first you’ve gotta

flowers are purpley
big birds up in a tree
you’ll go outside and see
and try your best to crawl

the grass is tall and green
the grass is soft and clean
it's such a silly scene
as you learn to crawl

and everything will be nice
when your steps are precise
you won't lean on the wall
but first you’ve gotta

~Crawl by Caspar Babypants

Apparently She-Beat missed the memo on this. That crawling comes before cruising, pulling up and finally walking (or sprinting, which is her brother's favorite form of transportation at the moment). No, little girl has her own ideas.

This past week we've known something was coming. She-Beat has been in PT for about a month now, working on pulling up, cruising, standing and even walking. The thought is that because of tummy issues she's been resistant to get on all fours simply because if doesn't feel good (and may even hurt), hence why she hasn't been crawling. So the idea was to work backwards; starting first with cruising, walking and then working down to crawling.

The first few PT sessions were really good. We could see that she was working hard and was making some progress. But that all came to a halt when she got sick. Instead of working, the sessions were spent consoling her.

I've been feeling a lot of guilt with She-Beat not moving. Wondering if I had just forced more tummy time or worked with her more if all of this would have been circumvented. It hasn't helped that others have suggested that she's not moving because I've been working and sending her to daycare instead. With the fear and guilt has come isolation and anger.

Last week, though, she turned a corner. Suddenly she INSISTED on standing and moving her feet, whining while watching her brother climb the stairs or race through the room. Whereas before she was completely happy to be carried, now she pushes and turns herself so that she can get in a few steps to the car in the morning. And finally, she's starting to cruise. Granted, she doesn't get terribly far and it takes her awhile, but little girl is moving her feet. None of this has been perfect and there are moments where she meltdowns in frustration. Still, she's been trying.

This morning she had a surprise for me. Two weeks ago, we purchased a good walking toy for her (the type of brakes . . . can't emphasize how important those are). We've been having her stand with it, playing with all the buttons and levers. Today I noticed she was pushing it like she was trying to propel it forward. Unlike before, where unlocking it made her mad, I found her trying to disable the break. Taking a moment to steal myself, I positioned myself in front so that I could control the toy and then reached down to click the button to make the walker mobile.

In the past, She-Beat would have screamed if the toy moved. She would have leaned way forward and cried in protest. Today, she lifted one foot and moved it forward. And then did the same thing with her other foot. She repeated this process again and again and again until we were on the other side of the room.

We still have a long way to go. There's still working on her balance, getting her to move without support. She also needs to learn about supporting herself on her knees, which will allow her to master stairs and pulling up more easily. But today that doesn't matter. Today, my little girl is mobile. And I am so proud.


  1. Aw, way to go, She-Beat!

  2. Aw, way to go, She-Beat!

  3. That's awesome! And seriously, there are people who say this is because you are working? Eff them.

  4. This is so exciting!!!!!!!! Go girl!!!!

  5. YES! She was waiting until she was good and ready. And now: she'll run.

  6. Hah! She was pushing forward the point that it was on her terms and no one else's. Yay little girl!

  7. Love this! Way to go She-Beat :)

  8. Awesome progress!! YAY!!

  9. FWIW, I never really did tummy time with EITHER of my kids b/c they both hated it and I didn't feel a need to subject them to that. I mean, did our ancestors force their kids to scream on their stomachs to build up head control? I think not. :P At any rate, don't kick yourself for that it my point!

    Way to go She-Beat though - that's so exciting!!

  10. Woo hoo! Go She-Beat. SO happy your little girl is getting her stride. ;) Great update.

  11. So exciting! She'll get to where she needs to be. Baby steps, literally. But for now, so much fun to have her mobile!! Yay!

  12. This is so exciting! I'm glad she is getting more confident and learning that she CAN do this. This is just the beginning. She will be walking before you know it.

  13. Yay! Go SB! And anyone you gives you smack for being a working mom needs a junk punch. You can tell them it's from me.


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