Monday, February 23, 2015

#MicroblogMondays: Morning rituals

Morning routines are standard throughout the world. Whether it be reading the paper while enjoying a cup of coffee or hitting the alarm 5 times before admitting the day has officially begun, everyone has some way to mark the beginning of the day.

Since the Beats arrived, Grey and I have found our morning routine rapidly evolving. Initially the day-shift started with bottles and a sigh about making it through the night in one piece. Later it was morning bottles while checking email. As of late, it's evolved again. 

Currently due to never-ending colds and lack of sleep, the morning routine has been a painful one. Our days now begin when Jaxson trots into the Beats's room around 5 am and begins yeowling for breakfast. After some screaming from all the humans about such an awakening (and usually threats towards said cat about him running out of lives), there is a shuffle of diaper changes, warming of morning milk in sippy cups, feeding both cats and dispensing of iced-coffee. If we're lucky, both kiddos will go down for another hour of rest, but usually the day continues from there. 

In moments where I can step outside myself to observe this chaos, I marvel at where we are today and all that is happening. Getting to watch these two small humans flip through their books or run between bedrooms, announcing to the whole world that the day has officially begun.

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  1. I often try to step outside myself and observe the scene of my life as a mom, always within the context of infertility and wish I could go back and tell the me of 3 years ago that everything would be ok.

    Mornings are so hectic but also my favourite time of the day.

  2. Beautiful ... I'm glad that you find occasions to step outside of the crazy . :)

  3. I think this is so important, to "step outside myself to observe this chaos." I think that whenever people look back fondly on their lives, what they reminisce about are the general sensations about such ordinary times of chaos.

  4. I love this Cristy. I love that you observe your chaps with such gratitude and love.

  5. love the family picture you create!

  6. About 6mo's after baby was born we started locking thE cat in the basement overnight. With plenty of comfort & provisions. These days he is often down there in his 'house' before we go to put him down there at the end of our night.

  7. It's those moments that you will cherish forever.


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