Saturday, August 22, 2015

Falling into place

Time has been flying on this end. So much to do in each waking hour and yet not enough time to address everything in a manner Grey or I are comfortable with.

As of this morning, we have a new address in Boston. As of Friday, pods and car moving as been organized. As of last Wednesday, we've confirmed a management company for overseeing the rental of our condo. As of Friday, we are talking to the vet about flying Jaxson and Daisy to our new home.

There's still a lot to do. I have to line-up daycare, we have to begin packing, we have to set-up some logistics to make sure renting goes smoothly and we can vacate. And we need to find someone to look in on Jaxson and Daisy.

But as of tonight, the major things are out of the way. The foundation is laid. Now the rest of the pieces need to fall into place.


  1. Wow. I'm impressed with how much you've gotten done. Hoping the rest falls into place easily.

  2. That's a lot accomplished! I Hope the rest continues to go smoothly!

  3. Sounds like great progress. I'm also impressed at what you've achieved already.

  4. Hey! Just catching up on blog reading after taking most of the month off and read your news! Big move...! Congrats ... very excited for you all!

  5. Good progress!!! Hopefully everything else goes smoothly as well!


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