Sunday, September 6, 2015

#MicroblogMondays: back alleys

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There's a stigma about alleys; those back roads hidden from plain view. Often bumpy, resulting in less traffic, they are viewed as dangerous places. As havens from the undesirable and those with ill intentions. Yet these overlooked spaces have their own beauty and stories. Access to a more vulnerable side of people's lives. 

This past summer, the Beats and I have been exploring some of these alleys. Walking along the dirt roads and catching intimate glimpses into the lives of our neighbors. It's telling to see how our neighbors maintain their back spaces. Some actively hide these spaces, enclosing them so one can't see. But others reveal a side of themselves that are so beautiful: large gardens, areas for pets and even simple spaces that are reserved as a refugee. 

As we've walked these alleys, exploring this world, drawing the parallels between these journeys and my own through infertility have come easily. How undesired these paths are. And yet the unseen benefits from both journeys. 


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