Thursday, May 19, 2016

Herbs and fairies

Back in March, I wrote about my wish to regarding Martha's garden. I'm here to report that wishes do come true. Many wishes in fact.

First off, the garden is blooming. Every morning, we're greeted to this.

Secondly, Martha has generously given the Beats access to 3 of her garden boxes. So we planted herbs: basil, thyme, mint, sage, rosemary and parsley.

And strawberries

And in the final box, lavender

Some onions bulbs (just for fun)

And some carrots and sunflower seeds, which we are waiting to sprout.

In addition, Martha has added an extra special treat: Fairy houses.

Every morning, the Beats go into the garden to visit the houses and say "good morning."

Every evening, they arm themselves with their watering cans and get to work watering their plants (and some of Martha's too). And then they say good night to the fairies.

Discussions about flowers and vegetables happen frequently at the moment. Bird and small mammals are also of interest. We'll be talking about bugs very soon.

In the meantime, I'm in heaven. Under Martha's watchful eye, things are growing and thriving. I'm healing too.


  1. That's awesome that Martha gave the kids three garden boxes- garden bed space is precious here so I'm not sure we would be so generous! The kids are learning some awesome lessons about gardening, plants, taking care of things, etc.

  2. There is something so nourishing about soil and greenery and sweet or pungent smelling herbs and nature. I'm grateful to Martha that you have access to this garden.

  3. That is beautiful - the nurturing of plants, children, and lives. The fairy houses are amazing. Your landlady sounds like a very special woman! Glad that you and the Beats are getting to have this experience.

  4. That is a gorgeously neat garden. Useful AND beautiful.

  5. Ooooo herbs and strawberries! We're planting this weekend! Love that you get to do this with those babies!

  6. That garden is amazing! How wonderful that the Beats get to grow their own planters! Thanks for sharing this. It made me smile.

  7. How lovely! What a beautiful gift to have garden space. And the fairy house! I love the idea of the Beats getting down in the dirt, nurturing those herbs and strawberries and just enjoying the whole experience of gardening.

  8. Bless Martha for her generosity. :) I'm sure she is enjoying watching the Beats in the garden as much as you are. Enjoy! (And I hope we'll see photos of the results too!)

  9. This is really lovely. All of it, including the relationship with Martha.

  10. Oh ... I love this garden. And I love that you're growing and healing with it. I hope (now knowing what comes next) that it gives you solace as you're dealing with everything else on your plate right now. Maybe it's not so bad to believe in fairies...


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