Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Muscle memory

Don't worry
Your wings still remember how to soar
Even when you can barely lift them up
Just let them breathe and steal the wind
~Brenda Busuulwa

It's hard coming back, reestablishing a routine. Originally the break in writing was meant to be temporary; a hiatus to focus on all the turmoil. Coming out of that required more activation energy then I anticipated.

So what has been happening? Where to even begin with that. I could tell you about surviving a semester of managing a course, finding new and exciting forms of high-conflict personalities and living through two minor snowstorms that left us once without power (and had me shaking my head at the locals) but still had me trekking in for classes. I could tell you about the promising job interview Grey had followed by an awful follow-up with the CTO (who was a jerk), the depth of depression that followed and the fear of free-falling back into debt and looking into food stamps.

I could tell you about the phone call to Martha, having to tell her Sofie died. How I missed Sofie passing by only 2 mins, finding her on curled up on the couch with Bert. How even though we knew it was coming, how heartbroken I am to not see that little black dog every morning.

But I could also tell you about my students. Our students, actually, as I have a coworker who is proving to be an amazing ally as we navigate this semester. And how these students remind me daily why I love what I do. I could also tell you about the phone call that came a couple of days after the asshole interview with Grey's dream job. How they hadn't forgotten about him and how eager they've been to bring him into the company. And how he starts a new position, one beyond what we even imagined possible, next Monday.

And I could also tell you about the Beats and how much they have grown during all of this. How they also start in a new school next Monday. With so many tears from me as we are saying goodbye to trusted teachers and friends. But how now we are all commuting in together.

I could also tell you that through all of this, I've thought a lot about this space and this community. About how the decisions of a few can change the lives of so many. But of also how echo chambers have a very negative side-effect of shielding those in the bubble from the painful realities of others. How sometimes it takes throwing bricks to shatter those walls and make everyone aware of the work we all need to do.

So I'm back. Flexing muscles that haven't been used for awhile. But muscle memory is an interesting thing. Even when you're still trying to figure it all out.


  1. It's so good to hear your voice again! So many changes, so many ups and downs. I am glad that there is a good beginning resulting from the end to Grey's interviewing journey. That CTO sounds like a jerk and I have nothing to go off of, but I'll never understand why interview feedback has to be brutal. Shame on him. But how wonderful to start a new exciting position! How wonderful to have wonderful students and to be gaining footing in the new position that you hold -- I can only imagine how much work it is to basically build a world in a new position like you have! I'm so sorry about Sophie, but it sounds like her passing was peaceful and among friends. Still sad though. Good luck to all of you commuting together and the Beats at their new school. So many new things, and I'm glad the spiral reversed. May there be mostly good things moving forward!

  2. <3
    So many challenges. So many changes. It's a lot, especially for those of us who try to be everything to everyone all the time (often at the expense of ourselves). Remember to take care of you too, ok?

    Fingers crossed for Grey and his new position. I hope it's everything he hopes for and more. And I hope the transition for The Beats is seamless and that they have new friends in no time. Finally, fingers crossed as you navigate some "fun" personalities.

  3. Glad to see you back! Yes, life sometimes gets in the way of blogging, doesn't it? But I am glad that things have taken a positive turn for all of you. Here's to establishing new routines (that, hopefully, include more blogging, lol -- I'm selfish!!)(I do hope, though, that Grey won't be working too closely with that nasty CTO??)

  4. Glad to see you back! I too have been on a break...and feel the need to write things down, but haven't pushed myself yet. Soon.
    I love the great news and *hugs* for the not pleasant.

  5. Yay for Gray's new job!

    Hope the Beats did great at their new school today!

  6. So glad to have you back, and to hear about Grey's good news. Awesome!


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