Tuesday, September 12, 2017

One of those days

It started last night when my phone died. I knew it was nearing the end of its life as the battery would run out during the day and the phone wasn't functioning as it had before, but last night the black screen despite multiple rescue attempts signaled we had hit the end.

Then at 1:30 am, I woke to find Grey frantically searching for his glasses and then screaming threats at someone going through our recycling. Its amazing how bold this individual was, ignoring the threats until I raced downstairs and turned on the exterior lights.

Almost 4 hours later, the same guy returned with an older man who was donning head lamps. The fact that a woman would emerge from a house at the hour, wearing nothing but a night shirt, to yank away the bag of glass bottles that had collected while screaming threats, followed by then announcing to the vehicle license plate number to the entire neighborhood is likely to leave a lasting impression to all involved. On an aside, Grey still hasn't forgiven me and is amazed I wasn't stabbed.

This on top of learning the phone store doesn't open till 10 am, a repair guy wanting access to our unit at some undefined time (because he can just text me), having to unexpected drive to (and park on) campus in order to deal with phone repairs and in order to make the two meetings I have today. And trying not to pee my pants after an older woman in line in front of me managed to lock herself and the bathroom door key in the bathroom at the coffee shop.

Feel free to laugh at me.

The theme of "those days" has been more frequent recently. Petty annoyances that if not dealt with usually snowball into something more crisis like. It's a challenge to not let stuff like this ruin a day, setting me in a grumpy mood that is hard to counter.

About 3 weeks ago, Cyrol resurfaced with an email congratulating Grey and me on the sale of our condo and taking credit for the sale. His rational was him suing the association, specifically naming me in the small claims court claim, was meant to benefit us as it forced us to pull our unit off the market (btw: not the reason) and landed us with a much better offer for our unit. Hence we should be thanking him. And, oh by the way, how are the Beats?  As I sat on the train, reading that email in complete disbelief at how he had sewed together this rational, I found myself realizing that most people haven't been through the amount of shit that Grey and I have been. Hence the jumpiness and hot responses that freaked out the recycling thieves this morning. Why its a struggle to return to the calm.

Here's hoping the day gets better. Because as of 9 am, its already been fun.


  1. I too am amazed that you were not stabbed. That being said, I would have done the same exact thing.

    Also, is it bad that when I heard that your phone would be with the phone doctor indefinitely, my knee jerk reaction was to send a mildly inappropriate text that would scar a 20-something male for life when it popped up as he was working? Something like cervical mucus consistency.

  2. OH my! It sounds like you just had about enough of everything! I keep our bottle recycling in the basement to avoid issues. People on our neighbourhood have had garages targeted because if it so I figure out of sight, out of mind. I donate it to people or worthy causes.

  3. Wow, that is one way to start the day! Glad that you were not stabbed and the tenacious bottle thieves did (eventually) leave. I really do hear you about how a whole bunch of annoyances can snowball into a difficult place. Hope that the rest of your day did, indeed, get better.

  4. Once in awhile I have days like this. At some point I just start to laugh. "Really??" I laugh/plead at the sky...

    Cyrol, Cyrol. Thanks for keeping my friend in blog fodder. You can stop now.

  5. Oh my. Not the way you want to start off the day...! We used to take out the garbage/recycling/composting in the morning before we left for work, to keep the raccoons & other local wildlife from getting into it (we hoped...!). It had to be out to the curb by 7 a.m. & we usually left the house by 6:30, so it worked for us. I hope things have been better in the days since this happened...! Next time you hear someone rummaging through your garbage, I would just call the cops. ;)


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