Monday, August 13, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: Sploot

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Just over 14 years ago, Grey and I adopted Daisy. Upon returning home from our honeymoon, we found a very lonely Jaxson who had taken up the habit of laying completely prone on the floor, chinning touching the ground and looking around in a very sad manner. Deciding enough was enough, off to the animal shelter we went to find him a companion, resulting in us finding a small mackerel tabby with a star on her forehead and an attitude that still keeps everyone in line.

But the one habit that Daisy possess that I had never seen before is this sitting position.

Initially we thought it was a way for her to protect her belly following her spay operation, but 14 years later she still does it, usually when comfortable and relaxed. 

Apparently splooting is thing, often associated with dogs but cats and rabbits will do it too.

Who knew?


  1. Aaaa, so cute! And she's doing a "half-sploot"-- it looks almost like she's at a starting block for a race. A very slow, relaxed, purry race. :) I've never seen that before, but I have seen full-splooting. Okay, I think I'm in love with the word "sploot."

  2. I did not know this! My dog Dexter seems to do more of the side sploot. I'm going to impress my family and point it out next time.

    Hi, Daisy!

  3. I've seen cats and dogs do it. But I never knew it had a name. And what a name! "Sploot" has made my day! Thanks!

  4. I didn't know this was a "thing"! I can vouch for rabbits doing it (the one I had did it often), but didn't realize cats, dogs, and such did that too. And I didn't know it had a name. Learning something new every day!


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