Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Despite; Because

Where to begin. 

I could blame the pandemic, but the truth is the pandemic ripped off the veil. 

I could blame the political system, but the truth is we were already going down that path. Politicians have just added gasoline and a lot of tinder to the fires.

I could blame work stress and all that's come with shifting into high-gear due to my position (never once did I believe my skill-set would be in HIGH demand), but the truth is the balance has never really existed. It was always unbalanced as a way to survive.

Daisy's passing ripped away those final excuses. The truth is Jaxson's passing started it and her long decline made it clear it was time to confront it all.

So let's begin with that realization that all the myths I told myself (and saw so many others telling themselves) have all come to the forefront and are being busted before my eyes.

Gone is the myth that anything is possible if you just try hard enough. Especially having met too many who are blind to their privilege, that myth is forever broken.

Dashed is the myth that people those most capable are put into positions of power. Too often, those who have no business leading others are placed there as it is assumed leadership is a natural skill. We desperately need to start training managers and those overseeing others on the importance of leading with empathy and curiosity (and unapologetically terminate those who demonstrate they can't)

Edited is the definition of "kindness." Too many confuse politeness with kindness, yet so different are these concepts.

Dead is personal branding. People show you their true selves through their actions and interactions. Those that rely on branding are the ones doing the most damage control.

Despite all the crazy and darkness from the past 2 years, I've learned so much about humanity and the importance of living unapologetically. Because of the crazy and the darkness, the deaths, the loss, the pain, the hopelessness, I'm begun to embrace living well and finding the good.

Despite what I was told, my limits and my failures, I've begun pushing through the fear of rejection to define the life I want. Because of my limits and my failures, I'm finding the road to make that happen.

And despite the greatest of losses and heartaches, with so many losses under my belt, I still have the courage to try, as I learned I am stronger and more resilient than I imagined myself to be because of those losses and heartaches.


  1. I'm not sure all that is behind this, but I want you to know I am here with you as you move even more into your own power. It can be a painful process,at times as the illusions fall away.

  2. Loss & heartache sucks, but yes, we can (& often do) emerge stronger because of it. Sending (((hugs))) as you navigate this new road less travelled.

  3. I've been reading Pema Chodron's When Things Fall Apart recently, and a lot of it is about how we find our power and connectedness precisely in the moments when the veil slips, when the illusions disappear, and when we are weakest and most hurt. I'm trying to dig into this space, too, and it can be hard to stay there and feel like you're reaching something better through it. Abiding with you as you find your road ahead.

  4. There must be something going around because I just posted about something very similar...wishing us both peace, strength and all good things my friend. xx


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