Sunday, January 29, 2012

Of sore boobs, hummingbirds and First Aid Kits

I've gotta ask: has anyone had sore boobs after a miscarriage? I've been experiencing shooting pain through both breasts the past couple of days. Completely new experience for me. And before anyone gets overly excited, I'm fairly certain this is not a pregnancy symptom.

In other news, I have a pair of Anna's hummingbirds who have decided to stay the winter with us. I never saw hummers as a child, so I've been completely fascinated by them and am learning so much (had NO idea these guys could perche and chirp). Anyway, I'm currently at the mercy of these two nuggets as I'm trying to make sure that they are well feed. And are they particular! I made the mistake of not replacing their food for a couple of days and also letting it freeze. Boy did they let me have it! For the record, Grey thinks it's both funny and sad for me to be apologizing profusely to something that weighs less than a pound. Can't help it, though. Anyway, does anyone know anything about hummingbird shelters/ houses? I know they make nests, but I don't know if they're for long-term shelter.

Finally, I was listening to NPR and KEXP the other day on the way to work and found a new band called First Aid Kit. As it's rainy and cold here in Western Washington State, this music has been warming my heart.

Happy Sunday, everyone! May this next week be a good one.


  1. I had no clue that hummingbirds stayed around for the Winter. We put out feeders in the Summer and buy plants that they like to feed from. No clue about their shelters but I have seen them perch before.

    Maybe your progesterone levels are a bit higher than normal right now?

  2. Yes, I've had the shooting boob pains after my miscarriages. So annoying.

    So cool that you have hummingbirds in the winter! I'm not sure if there are houses you can put out for them. In the summer here, if you leave out the sugar water for too many days, it can ferment (or something) and give you drunk birdies!

  3. Ah, I love birds. I take care of an older woman and she feeds birds year 'round. It's a comfort to her to help out because she can't do much of anything else. :)

    Hope you're having a good week <3


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