Monday, March 16, 2015


It's a two-fer today, as I finally have some downtime. Such a rare luxury....

On Sunday, Grey and I woke the Beats at the very early hour of 3:30 am to make the trek to the airport. It's his first time away from the family for more than 8 hrs and he's already missing the Beats immensely. As he opened the back doors to say good-bye, He-Beat threw up his arms to indicate he was ready to get out. The sad sob was certainly heartbreaking, rectified later only with some snuggles and a sippy cup of warm milk. Even this morning, both Beats were scanning the house, looking for him. Though their days are filled with activity and fun, I'm pretty sure they miss him too.

Tonight will mark the midway point of me solo-parenting. I've been very fortunate to have family and friends check-in with me and offer assistance. So far things have been going well so I haven't needed anything, but I'm fairly sure that by Wednesday we'll all be ready for Grey to be home and for life to be back to normal.

Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck! I always get thrown off when my husband travels ... then we hit our stride, just in time for him to be back . :) Hope that the rest of your week goes smoothly.

  2. Whenever I solo parent it makes me realise how hard it must be for single parents!

  3. Good luck...hopefully the time will pass quickly for everyone!

  4. Awww!! The snuggles & sippy cups did me in. :( Hope the rest of the time passed quickly & that Grey is back safe & sound.

  5. I did this a couple of times but for no more than 4 days. You totally got this. Or should I had this. It's always wonderful when they come home.


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