Monday, January 4, 2016

#MicroblogMondays: Lab security

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Meet Oscar and Gracie: Lab Security.

Oscar on the upper left; Gracie bottom right
I first met these two during my interview with E. Gracie barked loudly at me, letting me know I was invading her space and she wasn't sure she was okay with that. Oscar walked right under my dress and proceeded to sniff my legs. When I reached down and scratched his butt while he was inspecting me, E announced I was hired.

Three years later, I walked into the office and was given a similar greeting. Oscar warmed up to me fairly quickly, especially when I came back with a bagel for my breakfast. I was warned that Gracie would take a lot longer, averaging anywhere from a month to a full year (that poor undergrad still bribes her with treats and love on a daily basis). So I waited patiently to be accepted.

Two days later, she greeted me with a lick and started sleeping under my desk (apparently one of her preferred spots). E and her husband are still floored that she warmed to me so quickly. I claim it's because she can smell Jaxson and Daisy on me.

Gracie coming out from her sleeping spot. 


  1. Beautiful dogs. And smart people for trusting their reactions - dogs are great judges of character. :)

  2. I agree with Traci. Oscar and Gracie know good people when they sniff them.

  3. My husband used to be able to bring his puppy (now deceased) to work which I think was awesome. Now neither of us can bring our dog to work, but I think that work would be a much happier place with dogs! Okay there is one dog that is allowed at work, but he is working so you can't pet him (my coworker is blind). Stupid rules.

  4. Dogs are great judges of character (cats too). So glad Gracie likes you so quickly. And I can only imagine the undergrad trying to bribe the dog! LOL

  5. Adorable security personnel! I agree with JustHeather...dogs know when people have good hearts. Not surprised that they warmed up to you so quickly!

  6. That's clever because animals are such a great judge of character. Josh's work place sometimes has dogs.

  7. Sweet. And the poor undergrad.

  8. What beautiful dogs! It must be fun to have them there...although that poor undergrad :).


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