Monday, October 31, 2016

#MicroblogMondays: A Halloween Blessing

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Pumpkins and paint. Costumes to be assembled. Anticipation of a night of tricks and treats. Spookiness around each corner. There's been excitement in our house, with questions about when Halloween is coming (usually combined with bouncing). Flashes of my own childhood have been at the forefront of my mind.

But so has the memory of 3 yrs spent avoiding all triggers. 

Today marks the beginning of the holiday season. A period focused around children and one specific version of family. Those who don't fit into this definition are either omitted or forgotten. Those who struggle with any emotions outside of complete happiness are often shunned.

In light of that, in the midst of an evening focused around ghouls, goblins, magic and make-believe, a night where alter egos are celebrated, allowing sides not normally seen to be displayed, I want to offer a blessing and reminder. For this night is also a sacred night to those who celebrate Samhain. A marking of a new year. And with that comes an entering into a period of death, a winter, that is necessary to usher in rebirth.

So to all who hurt today, finding triggers around those spooky corners, I wish you an evening with moments of peace and the knowledge that from death, life can be reborn. Though not always in the form or manner that we planned for, there is beauty that can come. Blessed be to you and to all.


  1. Thank you. Because reading the comments on Stirrup Queens this morning was a surprise reminder of what I'll never do. It is easier though in NZ, where it is only celebrated by some, and was never celebrated when I was growing up. At least here we are entering a period of light and growth. Blessed be.

  2. This is so beautiful, Cristy.

    I like the notion of a death, dormancy, and rebirth. We do this at the end of a yoga class, and I've really been into the rhythm of that lately. It shows the impermanence of many things, including triggers.

  3. You are amazing. Thank you for remembering and thinking of those of us on the sidelines. It means a lot.

    I hope you have a great Halloween celebrating with the Beats. They are such a fun age.

  4. Yikes it sure is full of triggers. I'm not as sensitive to them as I once was, since I have a child, but my Facebook had torrential cute kid vomit. And I would have added to it, except my husband took all the photos this time and he never shares anything. You are right it's important to define these events in a way that's personalized. It's fun when it intersects with the bigger culture (I loved trick or treating with my daughter) but it's also important to remember that non conforming experiences are equally authentic,

  5. Beautiful. Hope you guys had a good Halloween! (Yes, I want pics!)

  6. I loved this, Cristy -- thank you. :) <3 (And yes, photos!!)

  7. Lovely. Thank you for sharing your words.

  8. Oh, this is beautiful. Halloween is my wedding anniversary, so there's things to celebrate that distract from the triggers, but I was surprised this year at how much Facebook bothered me. How seeing the passage of time in all the baby ladybugs turned into toddler and school age costumes affected me deeply. We only get a few trick or treaters, but that's because most of the kids on our street grew up, and there aren't new ones. Thanks for your affirming, beautiful words.

  9. What a wonderful message, Cristy! A very belated happy Halloween and blessed Samhain to you as well!


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