Friday, September 8, 2017

14 years young

I dawned on me the other day that Jaxson and Daisy are both 14 years old. They've been together as long as Grey and I have been married (Daisy was adopted 2 days after we returned from our honeymoon). Its so hard to believe they are this old. And that there was a period in my life where they weren't there.

This reality of their age is hitting me as they are starting to show signs they of it. Though still highly skilled at doing all things cat, there's also the moments where they loose their balance, or miss sticking a landing. The other day, while deep in sleep, Daisy fell out of her bed (a first for her). They both move a bit more stiffly and slowly. Nothing serious enough to suggest pain or problems, but still a reminder of where they're at.

It makes me sad to think of the day that comes when Jaxson and Daisy are no longer on this earth. They are part of our family, but its deeper than that as both of them were sources of comfort and support when so many were unable/unwilling to be during those dark moments as well as the joyous ones too. Those memories associated with the smell of their bodies, the feeling of their fur, the calming purrs during the tears and even the howls in those early morning hours.

I know there's nothing I can do to stop the inevitable. Frankly, I don't want to as it would reduce the specialness of this period we have. But I'm left today feeling so grateful for the past 14 years and hoping for so many more.


  1. My dog is nine and it's hard to think that he will one day not be with us. He's been ours since we adopted him at 11 months. It's so hard watching them older.

  2. You've made me think about my own Dexter. It has seemed to me that creatures who rest and play so much should live longer. Like you, I want to be grateful for the time we have together and make it super meaningful.

  3. Our lovely Cleo and Gershwin have been gone about six years now. The last years were hard, but the memories of their love and comfort are with me always. And we're so lucky to have had that.


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