Friday, June 29, 2018

Another round

On Wednesday, I picked He-Beat up early from school and took him in to see She-Beat's sleep doctor. Following She-Beat's diagnosis for sleep apnea and immediate improvement post-surgery, the sleep doctor recommended scheduling an appointment for He-Beat to have him assessed. Walking in, I assumed this would be a fast appointment where I was told there was nothing to worry about. Sure, the kid's tonsils had been swollen, he also sweats while he sleeps and there's been some increasing behavior issues, but he doesn't snore and never wakes up at night (though getting him to sleep is a challenge). I really thought none of it would be related.

I was right that it would be a fast appointment. What I wasn't prepared for was the same diagnosis, followed by the doctor looking in my mouth and nose, declaring that it's extremely likely I have the same condition too.

Normally, I would be fighting all of this. Surgery is not trivial and this one has a long recovery time. There's also the fact that medicine has too many cases of doctors diagnosing conditions solely to make money.

But this past week has been extremely eye-opening. Not only watching He-Beat struggle on the soccer field, having harder days as allergies flared, and seeing him struggle with social interactions while doing something he clearly loves (and having the coaches pull me aside to encourage me to bring him back as they love his energy and desire). It was also hearing reports from school about She-Beat and what an angel she has been: following directions, socializing well with others, being generally sweet and compliant. Furthermore was watching her initiate social interactions on the playground and actually defusing a fight in another group by asking a little girl to come join her on the swings, something I never would have dreamed of hearing 2 months ago when she was struggling to communicate her frustrations (still working on it, truthfully) and wasn't really interacting with others.

Color me fully shocked to have other parents complimenting me on her behavior

To date, almost all She-Beats teachers have been convinced about sleep apnea and behavior. (never mind brain function)  So when I mentioned He-Beat was given the same diagnosis, they didn't hesitate to ask when his surgery would be scheduled. Hell, they've become hinting at having other children who struggle to be assessed, fueled by parents who have also been raving about the benefits.

Surgery is scheduled for September 13th. The soonest I could get given that this doctor is fully booked (he's well rated). The only person who has reservations is Grey, who is wanting to make sure we're being prudent.

Honestly, though, I'm done. After watching He-Beat have a good morning, needing extra guidance from coaches modeling how to play (and being very proud of the good outcome) only to hear he was rough with another child at school, I'm ready to get this over with. Two-week recovery and all.

Hell, I'm tempted to have them take my tonsils and adenoids too.


  1. Wow. That's a lot to process, new diagnoses for two of you. You and Gray have 2+ months to do any due diligence that's necessary to make sure this course of action is prudent. I think it's good you got He-Beat on the schedule.

  2. Whoa, that's interesting that it's all three of you suffering from this condition. I'm glad you have a good doctor, and you can see first hand the impact the surgery has had on She-Beat. And I'm glad He-Beat went back for soccer! I hope that you see an end to these dreadful tonsil/adenoid related things, and recovery goes smoothly.

  3. Genetic?? Hmmm, that's interesting! I've never had my tonsils out, even though it was a pretty common thing to do when I was a kid. I sometimes wish I had -- I had some pretty nasty sore/strep throats & ear infections in my late teens & 20s, although they don't bother me as much these days.

  4. So much in this. First, I was shocked (but shouldn't have been) to read "... too many cases of doctors diagnosing conditions solely to make money." I constantly forget what it must mean to live with your healthcare system.

    I am so thrilled that She-Beat is doing so well. She sounds amazing. And I can't believe you're talking about He-Beat playing soccer already! lol But how surprising that he, and you, probably have the same condition. As Jess said, at least you trust the doctor and know that the surgery has a positive outcome. Wishing you all well!


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