Monday, June 25, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: One before the four

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Note: I'm overdue for a proper post, but this will have to do for today. More soon on life, I promise.

Fourteen years ago today, Grey, Lucas and I started our day by chasing Jaxson. In the midst of final preparations for the wedding later that day, we had neglected to lock Jaxson away in our bedroom while loading materials into the awaiting cars. As this 1 year old tuxedo cat sprinted from the apartment, he decided to turn left instead of the usual right, climbing the exterior stairs and settling in to watch three crazed 20-somethings taking the usual right turn and tearing down the walkways in hopes of catching him. All witnessed with much delight by my soon to be FIL.

This morning, as I dropped the Beats off at school, I told them about why today was special to our family. Contemplating this information, He-Beat looked at me and said "Fourteen. That's a one before the four." A seemingly simple observation that I feel has a deeper meaning. Because before the one before the four there is almost a quarter of a lifetime's worth of memories, crazy stories that bring about belly laughs and moments that still bring tears to my eyes. There's been journeys most never would have imagined taking, failures that broke us both and closed chapters that have far from happen endings. But there's also been joy and happiness that I never could have imagined finding, moments that have defined us both as individuals as well as a family.

Fourteen years later, Jaxson hasn't tired to escape. He's got a good deal with the guys next door that he doesn't want to miss out on. But the memory of that moment, though stressful at the time, has become a cherished one. Because fourteen years ago today, Grey and I formalized our family for all the world to witness. Including one devilish cat who still finds joy in messing with the humans.



  1. Happy anniversary!!! And Jaxson looks like a sweetie - even if the kind of sweetie who causes trouble!

  2. Happy happy happy anniversary. What a great story.

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love this tale of you and your family, including the very important furry member. Beautifully told, and a 100% "proper post."

  4. Well...I've heard the expression about "herding cats" when everything is going different ways, but I do believe this is the first time I've actually seen an example of it :). Very handsome cat also!

    In all seriousness, though, happy anniversary and best wishes for many good years to come.

    (For some reason, google has stopped letting me comment through wordpress...Katherine A/inconceivable)

  5. Happy anniversary! I love that you have a cute pre-wedding story. Ours is that our best man walked outside his cabin to practice his speech for that night and right in front of him there was a mama bear and cubs. The cubs ran up a tree and our best man ran into his cabin!

  6. Aww, happy anniversary! I love origin stories, and yours has a mischievous cat! Fourteen years is a long time and something to be so very proud of. Wishing you many more years, and happy Jaxson is settled into his space!

  7. Happy anniversary to the foundation of your family!

  8. Happy anniversary! :) Love hearing about people's wedding mini-disaster stories; yours is a good one that ended well, and I'm glad the story continues, 14 years later! :)


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