Wednesday, November 23, 2011


When I was little, one of my favorite activities was to daydream.  I'd spend hours weaving stories in my head of a heroine (usually with dark hair and green eyes) off on some adventure.  In my mind, she would leave all she had known and find herself in a new land.  She would attempt to integrate herself into her surroundings or she would seek out adventure.  You get the idea.  Daydreaming was my way of escaping from the world I currently existed in.  In that world, there was no loneliness, no heartache, pain was temporary and the sky the limit.

I've fallen out the the practice of daydreaming.  The way I've coped with stress in my 20s was to go on adventures with friends: some of which involved simply hikes, others that have become legends in their own right.  It was fairly easy to distract myself from what ever crisis I encountered and most things were resolved when I was able to think clearly.

Today I am on Day 5 of Lupron, with one more day of BCPs to go.  And I'm driving myself a bit crazy thinking about how December 1 can't get here fast enough.  Because of this, I've spent the past few days thinking more and more about techniques I've used to cope during times of stress.  There are simple things I can do to make the time go by: go for a run, grade, meditate, go for a walk, knit, etc., etc.  The frustrating part is that no matter what I do, the waiting always looms.

Grey and I were talking about this last night on the way home.  He had had a particularly frustrating day at work and, because of the weather, wasn't able to distract himself with a bike ride.  As he grumbled about delays caused by miscommunication, he made the connection about how frustrating it is to wait for something so that you can move forward, whether that be for work or for life.  And how at times, the only thing you can do is distraction yourself during the wait.  It's not laziness, it's survival.

Today, I've made myself a schedule of distractions: the morning will be spent finishing plans for dinner and doing the necessary shopping. Early afternoon will involve a run, followed by a long bath.  Late afternoon will focus on grading and preparing for the coming week.  Sounds good, right?

How about everyone else; what do you do to distract yourself while on this journey?


  1. I gave you an award! Check out my blog =)

  2. Hi Cristy! I found your blog through ICLW but looking forward to keeping in touch! Distraction is the only thing that provides a little sanity during hese times. I like your timeline for today, enjoy your long hot bath and take care of yourself! Enjoy every minute you can, you'll want to tell your baby about all of it one day! :-)

  3. Sounds perfect to me! Have a Happy Thanksgiving Cristy!

  4. Distraction is my best friend! LOL! We don't have cable, but with many TV networks posting their shows on-line, I am able to distract myself with a whole wack of mind-numbing tv. Blogging also helps too! Good luck keeping busy until Dec. 1!!

  5. Stopping by from ICLW! #117 & A new follower! Distraction is definitely amazing in times like those! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  6. Hi from ICLW!

    I'm a runner, and I swear it keeps me sane.

    I think its really cool that you knit. I've seen some really fun stuff that my friends have knitted and I've always wanted to learn. Unfortunately, I don't sit still long enough.

    Best of luck with your IVF!!

  7. I love what you said about distraction. It's not being lazy, it's about survival. It's true. I was beginning to feel a little bit guilty, but I've been reaffirmed that this is necessary. We have to do something to keep our minds from going crazy!


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