Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Playing the waiting game

October has been a month of attempting to be patient.  Since our finally IUI, we've be scheduled to do IVF in December.  The initial idea was to take some time to allow all the previous drugs to leave my system while attempting to reclaim something of a normal life.

I have a problem, though: I'm not a patient person.  I was the kid who woke up early on Christmas morning, eager to open presents.  I hate long lines, loathe crowds and am that crazy person who gets upset when someone cuts in line (another story for another time). Usually I deal with my impatience with activities ranging from constructive (knitting, craft-making, etc) to less than constructive.  Still, it's a problem, especially now.

My period is due any day.  More specifically, it's due tomorrow.  Once it comes, I get to graduate from sitting on the fence and start the first round of medication for IVF.  Starting meds means I'm no more waiting; I get to start doing something regarding my inability to conceive.  I finally get to have some control over the situation.  And I can finally move from the realm of wondering if this is ever going to happen to the realm of "well at least I'm trying to do something about it."

In the meantime, I'm stuck playing the awful waiting game.

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