Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back in the stirrups again

First off, happy Valentine's Day everyone. If you're like me, you probably recognize this overly-commercialized holiday as a way to capitalize on love and romance. But, it's also become a day for me to stop and reflect on where I've come during this journey. How much I've survived because of those around me through their love and support. So sending all my readers much love. That and chuckling at this poor schmuck who clearly forgot to purchase his significant other some roses (grocery store ones will have to do).

Secondly, thank you all for the comments on my last post. I'm doing better and I appreciate your suggestions. I guess one of the things I'm learning from all of this is how to address things that were broken a long time ago. Never easy, and I don't necessarily know the right path for dealing with all of this, but daily I'm learning how to navigate my way through. Unfortunately, with my family, that means no contact (long story as to why doing otherwise is not good with my family). But that's just for now. Time will tell.

Anyway, on to more important business. Grey and I went in today for my second mock transfer and the saline sonogram. Because I've had so much difficulty in the past filling my bladder, I made sure to start chugging water at 7 am. I went a bit overboard, but more on that in a minute.

The clinic I see has 3 REs who oversee all the fertility treatments. Though Dr. Optimism is my primary RE (love her), I also can be seen by Dr. Sage (the medical director for the clinic; adore him) and Dr. Practical (younger RE). In the past, I didn't really care for Dr. Practical, but since going through IVF, where she was the one in charge of monitoring my stimulation, and then the D&C, where she immediately returned my phone call when I was complaining about severe cramping, I've become more fond of her. Today though, I've decided I really do like her. And it all came down to how she handled the entire appointment.

First order of business was the mock transfer. Right after they confirmed I wasn't pregnant (routine for any SIS), they proceeded to check my bladder. To my surprise, it was full. Apparently I don't have much of a tolerance for a full bladder, as I get the urge to pee before it's truly full. Not today, which means I know now EXACTLY how uncomfortable I need to be. Anyway, the mock transfer went smoothly.

Next up was the saline sonogram. I've never had one of these, but I do remember the HSG and how painful it was. Grey was immediately by my side, holding my hand. To both of our surprises, this was painless and easy too.  Dr. Practical applied a topical anesthesia to my cervix and then made a point of slowly inflating the balloon on the catheter. Hence, no cramping. The good news is that everything looks like it's healed well and no scarring was detected!!! So we're good on that front (hooray!!!). She also took measurements of my uterine lining (very thin) and looked at my ovaries (both back to normal size with zero activity).

After I was allowed to dress and visit the bathroom for the third time, Dr. Practical brought in the FET consent forms to sign. We talked once again about the procedure and the risks of twinning. Thankfully, she didn't push for the eSET. I think due to the fact of how this last cycle turned out.  As we wrapped up, she asked if we had any questions. Though I didn't, Grey did.

The first one was whether we were moving the FET date.  Dr. Practical took a moment to count the days, reconfirmed my last day of bleeding and then ordered some blood-work. Based on today's results, we'll have a better idea if we need to push things back or not, but she's keen on trying to keep those dates.

The second question had to do with the embryos. Grey had questions about how they were frozen (number per straw, whether it was a new method called "glass freezing," etc) and instead of brushing him off, she took the time to answer each point as thoroughly as possible.

I know how busy this practice is on a day to day basis, whether it be IVF, IUIs, counseling patients, training medical students and residents, etc. So the fact that Dr. Practical took the time to work with us, even though this was not a part of the appointment, won me over. She will still be Dr. Practical to me, as she has a straightforward way of answering questions, but the animosity is gone.

I'm hoping to hear back from the clinic tomorrow morning with news on the blood work. I've never had a cycle go so long and I'm wondering if the end is somewhere in sight.  We'll see.  In the meantime, all I can do is wait and be thankful for the medical team we have working with us.

UPDATE: Heard from the clinic and progesterone is at 17.4! Highest level on record for me. Start Lupron tomorrow and instructed to call clinic on CD1 to start Estrace. So we're officially on for the week of March 12.


  1. I hope that when the results come back, you can keep your dates and nothing is pushed back. Sounds like you have a great team at your RE's office. Cant wait to hear what happens next.

  2. I'm so glad your appointment went well. I have always loved Dr. L's willingness to sit with us for well past our appointed visit time to make sure all our questions were answered. She even let me come over after work one afternoon because I had more questions. I wasn't sure about Dr. Z until this last cycle. He was on call over Thanksgiving when I started bleeding, and called every day to check in on me. When he called to tell me my beta had dropped, I started crying, and he said "I wish I could give you a hug right now." I now totally love him. It really is a wonderful clinic.

    Hope everything goes well with the blood work and you are on track to get started soon!

  3. So glad to hear everything went well! Sounds like you have a good team to work with, that is always so reassuring.

  4. I'm so glad you had a great appointment and things are looking good! I'm really hopeful for you for this cycle and any time you doubt that let me know and I'm happy to remind you. :) Lots of love and hugs to you both! Hoping this one is it!

  5. I'm hoping all will go well and soon you'll have the FET completed.

  6. That all sounds great! I'm so glad you have a dedicated team helping you through this. You will be about a month ahead of me I think. Well, that assumes that I am healed and ready. You never know how things turn out sometimes.

  7. Cristy, I just tagged you on my blog.

  8. That is such great news! It's nice to hear that you have a great RE team and that they took the time to answer your questions.

  9. Awesome progesterone level. So glad the SIS was easy. The ones I've had were pretty easy, too, until she moved the balloon farther into my uterus and squirted tons of saline there. OW. I'm really glad you're liking the other doc and also glad you have a start date now. Oh, and YAY about no scarring!


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