Friday, February 17, 2012

The joys of Lupron

Okay ladies, I need some feedback.

For those of you on Lupron, what are your symptoms?

Here are mine (what I can remember and what I'm currently experiencing)

1) Dull pain from ovaires (feels like they're shriveling up and dying) - usually in the morning after the shot
2) Hot flashes - usually at night
3) Excessive sweating - usually at night
4) Feeling incredibly cold - all day
5) Swollen breasts - probably the only perk
6) Increased need for sleep - it's been a busy work week, so I can't say for sure if this is the Lupron or my work schedule

Last cycle I was overlapping with BCPs, so I haven't experienced any mood swings, but I just started all of this again.


  1. As of today I have suffered from the following:

    Horrible headaches
    Swollen breasts
    Shortness of breath
    Hot flashes
    Shooting pains in my stomach area
    Pains in my legs, also tingling and numbness

    What a wonderful medication (Insert sarcasm)

  2. I honestly don't remember any symptoms with Lupron. I think I got a headache towards the end, and had really dry eyes. I'm always cold, and I always get hot at night (I blame my husband... he radiates heat). It's so hard to know what was due to the hormones, and what was due to depression, and what was just normal. Hope things go smoothly for you!

    1. I've started drinking ginger tea because of this. I don't know why, but it's helping.

  3. The headaches were the worst. I did depot Lupron for 3 months (that's when you get one mega shot of the stuff from the doc once a month, pretty much shutting down everything) and by the end the headaches were so bad all I could do was curl up in bed with the shades drawn. The hot flashes and shortness of breath suck too.

  4. On Lupron I had a headache that lasted for weeks, was always tired, cried for no reason - often, and was so thirsty! Really, I couldn't drink enough. No part of it was fun. I recorded all my symptoms, and my husband was just joking this morning that he should have had his own column in the spreadsheet to write whether it was a "bad day," "worse day," or "horrible day." But you'll make it through...thankfully the days only feel longer, time doesn't actually slow down.

  5. #6 for me was the main one. Sooo sleepy...

  6. I have not had experience with Lupron other than two microdose triggers but just wanted to pop in and say - holy crap that sounds terrible! I have night sweats all the time just because I'm me and complicated. The best solution I have found is to sleep with a cotton sheet and a light cotton quilt only - enough to keep you warm but a little more breathable. Not a cure, but it does help.

  7. Ohhhh good ol' Lupron. I didn't take it for fertility treatment but for endometriosis so my dosage was probably a lot higher than yours. But you can compare notes here or just click on the lupron tag. I have tons of posts about what I went through. For me the hot flashes were the worst! I also remember having memory problems and could have seriously hurt someone if they tried to cross me! I hope this helps and that you're off of the drug soon! *hugs*

  8. I definitely had the hot flashes, and would wake up practically drenched in sweat when I woke up in the morning. The hot flashes have gone away since I stopped the lupron (almost two weeks ago) but I continue to wake up overheated... yay me.

    I also would get a splitting headache about two hours before it was time for my next shot, and could barely function in the evenings because I was so exhausted. Mind-bogglingly exhausted. Finally, the lupron exacerbated my depression beyond any expectation. Between the depression and the exhaustion, I had no energy to put into anything- friendships, cooking, simply being awake...

    Lupron is my devil drug. I would do almost *anything* to keep from having to go on it again. I really hope your symptoms abate and aren't as extreme as mine were!

  9. I got lucky and didn't have much going on from Lupron other than getting overheated at night. I'm so sorry you are suffering!

  10. Didn't have a whole lot of side effects but I did have some headaches, hotter than normal (I'm always cold), tired and emotional!! Hubby found me on the couch one day crying because I thought something was wrong with our dog and she was totally fine! :)


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