Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bitter Infertiles, Episode 4

Giving the weekly plug for another episode of Bitter Infertiles! 

This week we talk about Mo's decision to go cold-turkey on pee sticks, antidepressants/therapy while dealing with infertility/loss and MTV.

Special guest for Faces of ALI: Single Infertile Female. I have no words to describe how awesome Leah is nor how great this conversation was. So go listen!

You can listen here and here.


  1. I keep meaning to check it out but I never have enough time to listen to them.

  2. Love these episodes, so great to hear voices behind the struggle. So very powerful...

  3. Is it weird that I feel like I know you so much better now? Hearing you and reading your words are completely different things. Of course, I love BOTH Cristys, but this new podcast thing is a blast!

  4. I absolutely love these podcasts. I'm in the middle of episode 3 right now. You guys are doing such an amazing job with them, and I really appreciate the exposure you're giving to IF. IFers listening to this will feel so much less alone. Keep it going!


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