Monday, September 10, 2012

Bitter infertiles, part 3

Happy Monday, all! Episode 3 for Bitter Infertiles is live. With a homework assignment to boot.

1) Share with us your 2 week wait survival tips.
2) Share with us your strategies for bring back the fire in your sex life while dealing with prescribed sex or just TTC craziness.
3) Share with us your baby shower/ baptism/brit milah/holiday/general family or friends togetherness survival tips.

Please post all your thoughts and suggestions on the website. And share them here, as yours truly could dearly use them!

On a final note: Cristy needs to seriously cut back on caffeine. For realz.


  1. tww wait for me is usually 16 days and I don't know how the heck I get through it. This cycle I'm just trying to chill with the crochet work.

  2. I am currently in my 2ww now (after our first FET). My beta is next Monday. I have no idea how I will make it until next week. I'm off tomorrow and I plan to craft. I'm going to an infertility group thing at a friend's church tonight so I hope that keeps me occupied.
    I sing in our church's praise band, so everyone sees me boohooing during the infant baptisms. =/ They're all super supportive, so it's not too bad.

  3. Eeeps, I get so excited for your podcast! Will listen tomorrow tomorrow.

  4. 1. Eat
    2. Pretty underwear
    3. Booze

    I wish I was kidding. ;)

  5. 2ww survival tips... Hmmm that one is a challenge since this is my 1st 2ww since r long taken break but this time I read a book I've been doing acupuncture and just basically chilling w/ fun movies & my little nephew has been a HUGE distraction! Bringing back the fire well we have taken a new approach to BDing and that is just having fun no matter the time of month 2 just try and keep is spicy its still hard because the thought it always there but @ least it helps a lot... getting thru family functions and baby showers well those r still a challenge but really I put on a smile face let me self laugh and give myself premission to cry if I need to and not let myself hold on 2 being negative... I have a feeling as my friend gets closer 2 having her baby boy I might have a hard time w/ that but I'm really trying to keep positive about it.... the caffine thing that makes me laugh cause I might need to lay off that as well... LOL!!!!

  6. (1) Netflix and puzzles. (2) Pretend. Pretend that you aren't tired (physically, emotionally, etc.). It helps. (3) Limit these to amounts you can handle, and try not to forget that even if they say or do the wrong thing, most people want the best for you too.

    That's my two cents anyway. I can't wait to hear the oodles of advice :)

  7. Just finished episode 2 of Bitter Infertiles and loved loved loved it!

  8. Hmm... good questions, and I'm reading the others for ideas.
    1. I give myself the test date as a deadline to get something done, like "I have to finish x before I test or there's no way I'll be pregnant", and x should be something important. OK, now that I've written that it sounds a little sick, doesn't it?
    2. Don't tell hubby when you're ovulating in so many words. Just use non-verbal communication, like suddenly getting naked, and he'll get it and act accordingly. Oh, and abstaining a bit before you're fertile helps, if you're allowed.
    3. I'm with Alicia. Booze. But seriously, I've always hated baby showers. But I like a party after a baby is born. And being superstitious I've bought into the whole, "hang out with babies and maybe you'll get pregnant" thing.


  9. 1. Lots of reading (books, magazines, blogs) and random road trips with the husband
    2. So we just subscribed this new thing called the Boink Box. It hasn't arrived yet, but when it does, I'll write a post about it
    3. Sit with awesome people and leave if you have to


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