Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Episode 7!

Episode 7 of Bitter Infertile is live! Shelley's synopsis is here.

This episode we talk about pregnancy after infertility and all the hurdles surrounding finally getting the BFP. As Mo is currently on vacation (and currently rocking Las Vegas) and Jessica is on hiatus, Shelley and I had the opportunity to have a special guest for the entire episode: Rebecca (aka HRF) from Waiting for Little Feet!  Needless to say, though we missed Mo and Jess, we still had a lot of fun.

Special assignment: share with us all the crazy stuff you've done while TTC. And if someone knows anything about beets and implantation, PLEASE fill us in. Dr. Google is worthless for this one.


  1. I am so very far behind on listening to this program.

  2. What a great surprise! I thought there was going to be a bit of a hiatus as Mo went off gallivanting around the world :)


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