Thursday, April 21, 2016

Death of a Prince

It was after lunch that I learned the shocking news about Prince's death. An artist from my childhood home, I remember dancing to songs like "Raspberry Beret", "1999" and "Let's Go Crazy". Later as a young adult, "Purple Rain" was a song I turned to during dark days. To say his music meant something was an understatement.

One day during the early weeks of my pregnancy with the Beats, a song came on KEXP that I never heard before. Turning it up, I immediately recognized it was Prince singing, but the tune was a new one to me. A few days later, I downloaded the song and sent it to Grey as a gift. "Starfish and Coffee" has become a song we associate not only with the Beats, but also with the ALI community. Because you see, though not advertised, Prince was a member of this community having lost his infant son. 

Many will write about Prince's musical genius. How he inspired so many and change that community. But today I'm also mourning the loss of a member of this community. One who's music reminded me to find joy even in the darkness. One who brought hope.

Rest in peace Prince Rogers Nelson.


  1. I never knew much about Prince the person. Thank you for sharing. I love his music.

  2. He was a pretty fantastic all around artist...and from my limited understanding all around good person!

  3. I was so sad when I heard that he had passed, too. So young. I don't know Starfish and Coffee, but I love that it has such significance to you and Grey and The Beats. And I didn't know that he was part of the community, too. Such a multi-layered man who will be sorely missed.
    (PS -- we listen to KEXP too! My husband is obsessed!)


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