Thursday, April 21, 2016

Small wins

Yesterday, Grey and I paid off our car loan. We purchased "Lenny" (yes, we name inanimate objects) in 2008 following an accident where the other party totaled our previous car after they failed to brake at a red light. Though we love everything about Lenny, its been a moral drain to have a monthly payment.

There's an additional level here though with closing out this loan. Like many in this country, fertility treatments were not covered by insurance. So when it came time to go down that road, we found ourselves getting creative with how to finance. Some was covered through FSA, a lot on credit cards (which we are still paying off), but one strategy was also to refinance Lenny not once, but twice. Meaning we've extended our loan in order to scrap together enough money to have the option to even pursue treatment. On one hand, we're lucky that we could do this. On the other . . . .

Following the phone call to the bank, Grey ran some numbers to see how we're recovering. With wide eyes, he announced that we're finally making some progress to paying off the debt we've accrued due to infertility. We still have a long way to go. And we are overdue for meeting with a financial counselor to generate a plan for how best to do so. But as of today, we're pulling out.

And today, Lenny officially is ours, free and clear.

Here's to small wins


  1. That's excellent news and a BIG win! We took out a second car loan in order to pay for new siding on our house and just recently paid that off- what a relief! Congrats!

  2. Baby steps....but that's one huge step.....Congrats to you both!!

  3. That seems like a huge win to me! Congratulations on paying off Lenny, and on chipping away at the infertility debt. It feels so good to see those numbers shift from negative to positive.

  4. Congratulations on paying off Lenny and making that step forward! Glad for you and Grey.


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