Tuesday, November 28, 2017


I’ve had this busy week on my calendar for awhile. Two new programs plus final presentations. Throw in two phone interviews (tomorrow and Friday) and an exit meeting with the department Executive Director. It’s only 3:30 pm my time and I’m ready to call it a day.

The weird part is I like being this busy. Being idle is where I get myself into trouble was it gives my brain a chance to go places it shouldn’t. The problem is my body doesn’t agree with this go-go-go mentality. Missing breakfast and lunch is no longer something I can do without feeling it later.

So instead, I’m relearning how to juggle. Forcing myself to stop, breathe and take care of basic biological functions before they hit a point of crisis. Because even though I’m not as speedy and malleable as I use to be, the tasks ahead are also a hell of a lot more complex than anything I’ve done before. Hence I’m long overdue for finding a new way to balance.


  1. Heh, this all sounds very familiar. I was just thinking this morning my brain is not only not taking in new information right now, it is actively rejecting it. (This after realizing I’d double booked two days next week). Also yes to the skipping meals (which I tend to do under stress) and feeling it later. It really does take an effort of will to re-position mentally, reprioritize and move forward with self awareness. I try to practice mindfulness and always remind myself of this moment (as I think you do too). Good luck with the rest of your week!

  2. I hope you get through this crazy week in one piece! I can commiserate with enjoying the busy so you can't navel gaze too much, but it does take a toll. Strangely more of a toll the older we get, hunh. :) I hope you balance everything to keep your sanity and your health amidst all the challenges this week. Maybe a short yoga workout, or a mindfulness app?

  3. That sounds like a really good plan. How did today's interview go? Wishing you well on Friday, too.

  4. I do NOT do well if I don't eat. ;) Hope you've made it through the week in one piece! (((hugs)))


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