Sunday, November 12, 2017

Punching back

I'm exhausted. After a running an educational program yesterday (which went very well and was a lot of fun), spending the evening filling out new enrollment forms and prepping for an interview tomorrow, a nap is what I was looking forward to today.

Until I learned that our bedroom doesn't have any heat. Making it not habitable. And it would be one thing if this was the only issue, but when the lawyer mentioned "Board of Health" combined with "shutting her property down," I found my head spinning.

I'm so fucking tried of fighting with people. Of being treated terribly by others for no reason other than I don't come from specific social circles. Now that we've hit the unlawful end, though, it's time to start punching back.

And that's probably the most baffling of all. That it takes setting boundaries and informing people of "no" in order to get them to behave. Sure, there's in initial argument. Them fighting to convince you that the problem actually lies with you. But when the dust settles and the facts are laid out, these same people them treat you better if for no other reason than that they hate the bloody nose or cracked teeth they received in the process.

So we're contacting a lawyer again, figuring out what we can and cannot do. We're looking for options for housing, but also for jobs elsewhere in the country and/or the world. Because after living with a leaking oil tank, a broken furnace and so many other problems, why not.


  1. Yup, I was just thinking about how to define boundaries, and the best definition I can come up with is: you draw a line and you fight whoever crosses it. (I think I got this idea partly from Diana Gabaldon actually). The key is you know when you are ready to fight and are willing to do it. But I’m still sorry you are having so much shitty luck.

  2. I certainly understand why you'd be exhausted, with this in addition to the other things you've been dealing with recently.

    I hear Denver's nice :-)

  3. What a terrible situation, I'm sorry you're having to deal with this and fight this battle along with all the others right now. Setting boundaries with people resistant to behaving well is hard and exhausting.

    I hope the boundary setting goes as well as possible and gets results for you. Sending thoughts and abiding through this difficult time.

  4. Good grief, when it rains, it pours...!! Much love & luck to you as you navigate this latest hurdle. <3


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