Tuesday, December 26, 2017

All is calm

This morning, after much negotiating and bargaining, I managed to dragged an exhausted Grey and two wound up Beats outdoors for a hike in the snow.

Outside of a couple of cross-country skiers and a pair of dogs, we had the run of the meadow. And run we did, encouraging both kids to use up as much energy as possible as we all raced around. The end result of our efforts came two hours later, with both Beats passed out and a tired Grey relaxing with a book following some much needed exercise.

I love snow. Snowfalls have always been magical to me, bringing a silence to the world is hard to replicate. Playing in snow is also a favorite activity, with some of my fondest memories involving skiing, sledding or simply hiking through snowy meadows. But one thing I love most about snow is the forced peace and calm it brings. Something I was reminded of yesterday during the snowstorm that forced many to stay indoors instead of traveling. And though many made their destinations later, the forced pause brought a sense of calm and peace that would be seen later as neighbors began shoveling one another out of their driveways.

The past few days have been calm ones, allowing Grey and I a chance to reset before the next sprint. Something we both sorely needed given what we're gearing up to face. For now, the snow has brought with it an amazing gift to help us prepare.

All is calm.


  1. YES- the silence the snow brings. It’s one of my favorite things about a good snowstorm, the cold quiet. It is definitely calming.

  2. I love how snow can bring out both the boisterous and active, and also the silent and passive.

    Glad your family had the chance to have both. Wishing you well as you prepare for the sprint.

  3. Spoken (written?) like a true Midwesterner. ;) I miss the snow when it's not around, especially at this time of year. Glad you got to have some fun with it!


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