Saturday, December 30, 2017


We know 
so perfectly 
how to give birth
to the monsters
inside us,
but for reasons 
I will never figure out
we have not the slightest clue
of what to do 
with all the 

~Christopher Poindexter

Grey has an interview a week from today. A select few have been told (and there are more that need to be told), but we're already preparing for his trip and talk. 

Already the nightmares have started for both of us. The fear created from daring to hope.

Herein lies the problem. The fact we are both so afraid of failure and being trapped in limbo that it is manifesting in negative ways. Both of us have had shorter tempers the past few days, quick to snap at one another and anyone who dares challenge our guarded moods. We both know it needs to stop.

My horoscope this week was the final sign, particularly this part: 

"You don’t have to be fearless or have an ironclad plan; all you have to be is brave. Things don’t have to go your way in order for them to be going exactly as they’re meant to go."

As tempting as it is to steel myself, trying to protect my family from any potential pain, I know it's time to shed the armor and believe that good things are coming.

Hence my resolution for 2018: to be brave. To acknowledge the fear, the hurt and the pain, but to stop walling myself off from the world. To remove the fearless mask I've been wearing for awhile now and put my trust that there is a path forward as we embrace this amazing mess of a world we live in. Attempting to perfect the art of wrapping monsters in love.


  1. I love this. This is a great resolution. It's so hard letting go of that control. As of course, we both know. I hope his interview goes well!

  2. Exciting. And hard to dare to hope. Abiding with you during the in-between time.

  3. Beautiful, Cristy. You're already brave, I hope you know that.

  4. What a wonderful resolution, one that you will be amazing at. You are incredibly brave, and fierce, and while things have been incredibly awful at the end of this year, I am hoping for better things in 2018 and some genuinely good news. You are brilliant, and loving, and kind, and definitely, definitely brave. Good luck to Grey in his interview!

  5. As others have already said, you already are! (Brave, that is.) Wishing many good things for you, Grey & the Beats in this new year! <3


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