Friday, February 23, 2018

Good omens

This past week was my last workshop of the outreach program I've working with for the past 6 months. There were a total of 3 students, ranging in age from 12-14 years, with one who had a severe case of ADHD combined with some other behavioral problems. Given that there was zero guidance from the parents on how to engage this student, each day was it's own adventure.

The end result was that by the end of yesterday I was thoroughly exhausted. Commuting was an interesting experience given that my body was making it clear that a nap would be preferred to braving public transit and my brain had pretty much checked out when it came to details like timetables and traffic signals. So it took me about 3 blocks to realize I was walking in a heavy snowfall that wasn't sticking to the ground for very long. To notice the silence that was filling the streets, silencing all the external noise from the streets as well as the chatter in my head.

I was once told that snowfalls like this are good omens. That the peace and silence that comes is meant to signify calm and wisdom during moments of change and uncertainty. Snowfalls in general have happened during life-changing moments that usher in good things. And given all the uncertainty at the moment, a promise of good is very welcome.

So today, though the snow has melted, I'm focusing on this good omen and hoping for some good news soon. I could really use it.


  1. So hoping that this snow is a good omen for you. You need a break of some kind, seriously. I love that kind of snow, where it's all hushed and otherworldly and floaty. A good walk can be so therapeutic, too. Sending love to you!

  2. I love this interpretation of a snowfall, and will remember this post the next time I witness one.

    May the bounty of the omen be revealed to you soon.

  3. I've always wanted to walk in snowfall. Your words makes me want to do it even more. This is a beautiful post, and I hope the good omen helps you get through the uncertainty.


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