Monday, February 26, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: Finding the view

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It's Monday, which means I'm craving out 2 hours in the library to get a plan formulated for the next month. Emails need to be sent and my schedule rearranged. All this while half my contact list are just starting to roll out of bed and think about checking their email.

I learned long ago that I need periodic distraction to do long stretches of sitting. The best form for keeping my butt planted in a chair is some sort of view, allowing me to gaze out the window and take in the outside world all while willing me to finish all that needs to be done so I can rejoin it.

Here's my view this morning as I type away on my laptop. Likely not optimal, but it will definitely serve the purpose.


  1. Lovely post. Spots of nature are so good for us - I'm glad this is your distraction for the morning.

    Besides, it's good for our eyes to vary our focal lengths, I'm told. So looking up from your screen out the window is excellent eye exercise.

  2. There's something beautiful about that view, all gray and snow-free through the warm wood of the library walls. I love the brick building in the background. May your work be fruitful, may your plan materialize beautifully!

  3. Ah, yes, a view helps. Yours from the library is lovely. You're inspiring me to get productive!

  4. I want to know your secret: how do you get back to task focus after getting lost in a nice view? I find that the up and down side to working from home - I can get utterly and completely distracted by the view of my yard, and it's tough to get productive again after!

  5. Nice view. I hated it when I lost my window at work in an office reno/move... it wasn't much of a view, but I did get some sun in the afternoon. And I love the floor to ceiling windows in our condo! :)


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