Monday, February 12, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: In the aftermath

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This last week was filled with a lot of firsts. The first time I've flown alone with the Beats, the first extended trip for Grey (he began his new position this week, which is 10 days of him out on the West Coast), first purchases and uses of new electronics to keep the Beats occupied, the first time we've ever hired a pet sitter (and another post to come given that Jaxson has a new girlfriend). And the first time I've spent more than 8 hours away from the Beats.

I'll spare you the details of how traveling with two 4 years solo for the first time went, but the whole situation went better than expected even though its clear everyone involved was stressed out. Still we're all recovering from two 3 hour time changes and another weekend to recover is direly needed.

In addition to this, I survived my interview. I went in feeling prepared and excited, walking out feeling confident that all had gone well. I even managed to catch the earlier flight back to Seattle and got a free glass of Prosecco, which I took to be a good omen.

By Friday all of that had worn off, with me second-guessing the interview (was just shy of 2 hours even though they told me to expect 2-3) and me realizing I accidentally called one of the founders by the wrong name. Cue lots of kicking myself.

The truth is, there was a lot that could have gone better all around. From navigating the airport to entertaining the kids to working on my interviewing skills (hence all the beating myself up). But I learned a lot, particularly with what we can do this. All the things that were seemingly impossible before, like flying solo with 2 small children, spending the night away and me even going on an interview for an position in industry, is now possible.

The past few days there's been a lot of conflicting emotions, fueled by the fact I'm in limbo with waiting on a decision combined with knowing that I have to move on with job hunting and the rest of my day-to-day. There's so much uncertainty on the horizon with preparing for this cross-country move, enough of which that my grey hairs are increasing in number almost daily. But there's so much excitement too. Grey is loving his new position and the company is treating him incredibly well.

So we're living in the aftermath of this first leg of the journey. Attempting to get back into the swing of things for a chapter that is coming to an end. All with me trying to find a way to end it on a positive note, setting the stage for what is to come.


  1. Wow, that’s a big trip and achievement! I wish you luck wrt to interview but you’re right that a big part of the battle is realizing what’s possible.

  2. That is huge, and sometimes just knowing you can is enough to get you over the hump. Sending a lot of good thoughts during the wait.

  3. Making it through all of that, especially after a stressful last few months, is a huge accomplishment. I'm so happy to hear that Grey is enjoying his new spot. I hope you find an equally wonderful employer!

  4. Whoa, so much on that plate right now. Amazing to do the trip with the Beats by yourself and survive! You have so much change going on right now, and while so much is good change and the promise of a new start, change is stressful. I hope that the wait goes by quickly and you hear about that job. I am terrible at picking apart every moment of an interview after the fact (or a project, or anything where I put myself out there), and often it doesn't go as terribly as I thought it did. I hope that you find the job that you want and get started on this new West Coast life feeling good about things. Thinking of you through all this transition!

  5. So glad to hear the flight went pretty smoothly and Grey is being treated well and that your first instinct was that you aced the interview.

    No back-kicking!

    Also waiting alongside you.

  6. So much going on! My thoughts are with you!!

  7. It must be a confidence booster to know that, even if everything didn't go exactly the way you wanted, you did it! You survived! ;) And you can do it again, if necessary! Thinking of you & your family. <3


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