Monday, April 23, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: All the changes

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Today marks 3 1/2 weeks since we landed on the West Coast. It's odd to think about this time as we are literally still unpacking, partly living out of boxes, and yet so very much has been changing. 

Like the Beats being settled into a new school and me learning to navigate the school system for upcoming Kindergarten registration (whole other post on that madness).

Like upcoming surgery for She-Beat.

Like me finding myself in a new role of finishing teaching from 2,673 miles away, literally watching my students take ownership of this project that I created and making it their own (and being insanely proud of them for it).

And handling material changes, like purchasing new beds and furniture. Oh, and Lenny officially has a new sister named Ruby, making us a 2 car family for the first time in 15 years (damn if that hasn't been a surreal experience).

Sitting here, taking a breath from unpacking, scheduling, making phone calls and mapping out job applications, all the changes make our life in Boston seem like it was from a different time. Even though I get vivid flashes of moments there, making me remember it wasn't that long ago. 


  1. So many changes!
    Good luck settling in and with she-beat's surgery!

  2. I have to chuckle, because even though I haven't been living your life, Boston seems a long time ago to me, too!

    As for unpacking, my only suggestion is to only unpack it if you need it. This is the way DH and I have identified things we should re-home: if it's still in the box a year later because we haven't needed it, it's time to go!

  3. Good luck with all the adjusting, unpacking, and settling in! 3 1/2 weeks, wow. So cool that modern technology lets you continue teaching from across the country, and able to see the fruition of your students' projects. Congrats on the second car (love the name Ruby) -- I can see how going from a lovely public transit city to a car-centered culture would be a shock! I felt similarly when moving from NYC area to Rochester, and missed the trains. But you will have SUNSHINE! :)

  4. A lot to adjust to, no doubt. But it all sounds positive, and I could feel that lightness in your post.

  5. You SAY kindergarten and I beLIEVE you, but really, how can that possible be?

    I love that you are insanely proud of your students for what you all have created together.

  6. Kindergarten.... what??? How did that happen?? Good luck with all the unpacking. It's a lot of work, isn't it?

  7. I second (third?) the "Kindergarten??!!" thoughts. Don't beat yourself up too much about the unpacked boxes, it's been less than a month. If it helps you feel any better, we've been here two years & I still have a stack of framed pictures that haven't been hung...!


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