Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Episode 16: Fertility 101

Happy 2013 everyone!! As 2012 has officially been deemed a difficult (= shitty) year, my continued wish is that 2013 be the polar opposite.

To kick that off, I'm please to announce that Episode 16 for Bitter Infertiles is live! Click here to listen. Ladies, this episode is one aimed at those new to the TTC journey. In other words, remember that annoying couple at Christmas dinner/office holiday party/New Year's eve bash/insert-uncomfortable-moment-here who is convinced they are infertile after only 3 months of TTC? After you finish rolling your eyes, email them the link.

But, not to dispare, this episode is not solely for the newbies, with plenty of moments where Mo talks about her favorite subject (hint: it has to do with peeing on things), Shelley gives a run down about forums and Toni Weschler and I proceed to laugh like a maniac while we talk about baby dust.

Happy listening!


  1. Lol! The infertile after three months of trying comment just made me laugh so hard! Thank you I needed that.

  2. Thanks Cristy! Happy new year!

  3. Oh man. I'm going to have to listen this one. I received an e-mail from a woman recently who was in total meltdown status (read: having full on panic attacks and having to take time off of work) because she did not get pregnant the first 2 months they tried. She had convinced her doctor to give her a referral to an RE for a "full spectrum of testing", and said it was because the doctor felt it was best for her mental health to just know... but she wanted to know from me what kinds of questions she should ask the RE. She even compared her situation to my own, and said she was reaching out because I was "someone who had been there." It was REALLY hard for me to answer compassionately.


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