Monday, March 7, 2016

#MicroblogMondays: Sunrise

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This past weekend was one filled with anticipation. Grey starts his new position today, leaving him filled with excitement and anxiety for all the good that can come. The Beats are back at their daycare today, though we've found another good daycare for them within 5 mins of Grey's work. I submitted the application last night and we are excited to start within a month. In addition, Martha is leaving today for a trip to Antarctica to photograph Humpback whales. She's been preparing for this trip over the last few months, so we wishing her bon voyage today, complete with some Humpback Whale Bingo boards for capturing various images. 

Our house has been abuzz with adventure and newness.

Despite this, I've been down. The stress of the past few months has finally caught up with me, making me realize that there is still much healing to do. In addition, I heard from a very good friend who is also an infertility survivor that she and her husband have separated. My heart is heavy from this news as divorce is traumatic enough, but following a trauma like infertility just makes it all the worse. She doesn't deserve any of this.

On Saturday, while reflecting on all of this, I decided to start a photo project to help with healing and processing. A lead up to Easter and, hence, as different take on Lent (I'm a recovering Catholic), with the focus being on reflection and meditation. For anyone interested, here's my list:

Shadows + Light

"Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most." ~ Buddha


  1. Love the quote. Because we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

  2. So many new beginnings! I love your idea of a photo project!! I hope Grey's first day goes well!!

  3. It's the wrong time of year to go to Antarctica!

    For years I've noticed that, after a period of stress is over, our bodies say, "phew, that was tough!" and promptly give up and come down with something. I think our minds do the same. So I'm not surprised you're feeling down.

    I hope the photo project helps you heal. Even focusing on healing is good for us, because it allows us to show ourselves compassion, but also to hope for the future. I'm looking forward to following it.

  4. Beautiful. What a great list for photos, and I love the two you've included so far. I love the idea of rebirth each day, having a new start to do something meaningful regardless of what happened yesterday. I hope all these new beginnings go smoothly!

  5. Gorgeous pictures, and what a wonderful way to focus intentions on healing and reflections. Sending good thoughts your way.

  6. I love that a yoga class ends in corpse pose, and then to reenter the day, we roll onto a side and transition through the fetal position, emerging as a new(ish) person. Death/release morphing into newness/freshness.

    Also, I'm glad that I already subscribe to your blog, as I can't wait to see all the coming images.

  7. I keep meaning to try one of those photo challenges... one of these days...! Love your sunrise & sunset pictures. Will you be posting more from your list over the next few weeks?? Hope so!


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