Monday, November 6, 2017

#MicroblogMondays: Meraki

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Meraki: putting yourself into something; usually described doing something with soul, creativity and/or love. 

Given the complete shit-storm that was this weekend, I've been craving creativity. So last night, instead of ordering delivery,  I pulled some pizza dough out of the refrigerator and learned how to toss it. 

The end result was far from perfect, with there still needing to be some experimentation. But spending those 20 minutes doing something outside of problem-solving a situation that has been draining my soul, filling it again felt good.


  1. The Pizza looks good. Hope things get better with the shitshow.

  2. Good for you! I've been wanting to get creative in the kitchen recently. Maybe you're inspiring me!

  3. That pizza looks good! Taking breaks to refill in the midst of the stress is such a helpful thing.

  4. Uh, YUM. That looks really good. And I wonder if throwing something is a bit cathartic.

  5. Yum, pizza!! My parents' neighbour got herself a special pizza oven last summer, & brought over a pizza to my parents as a thank-you for looking after their place while she was away. I couldn't have any because it had tomato sauce on it & I am allergic :p but it looked & smelled sooooooo good!! I know a lot of people who do "make your own mini-pizza" nights with their kids, using whatever sauces & toppings they have on hand. An activity you could do with the Beats, maybe?

  6. Looks amazing and tasty! I bet tossing dough is therapeutic. And if you practice... MORE PIZZA! I hope you are recovering from the shitshow. And that the pizza helped. Working with your hands can be so soothing!


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