Tuesday, May 1, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: The one where we get a cactus

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It's amazing to me how much drama I can fit into my day. Car registration is incomplete and officially on hold until an appointment May 17th, a website crash means I have a delayed dated for enrolling He-Beat in Kindergarten, She-Beat's upcoming surgery has thrown a huge monkey wrench into the IEP process and I need to look at bumping up well-child visits.

All while navigate interviews and job hunting. Throw in some recent family drama and . . . .

But in the midst of all of this, we've been meeting our new neighbors. A slow process given a language barrier (my Spanish is terrible). It started with He-Beat spotting a cactus in on of the neighbor's patios. He got insanely excited about it, wanting to see it. What started as a curiosity turned into a great way to initiate a conversation. And an unexpected gift of a cutting from that cactus.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited He-Beat has been to get his own cactus. I'm actually pretty excited too given this is a first for me. It's also such a wonderful gift during a crazy period of transition; a sign that we are on the right road forward.


  1. Boy, so much going on. How cool that a cactus has brought such joy, and may it be a predictor of good things regarding neighbors. Good luck with everything!

  2. How nice! Hoping for the best for you all.

  3. Awww, I love that photo of the little cactus, and the story about He-Beat's excitement over it. Long may you all grow & flourish in your new home!

  4. Congrats on your cactus! What a wonderful way to connect with your neighbors, and I love that He-Beat is so excited about it. I hope the acclimating goes well from here on out!


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