Thursday, May 10, 2018

The good witch

On Tuesday, my apartment complexes property manager knocked on my door to ask where the bee hive I had reported was located. This was discovered after a rather large tree limb fell off said tree due to improper pruning, exposing both improper care (thankfully not falling on anyone in the process) and also the hive it have been sheltering.

Beekeeper in tow, the assumption was that this would be a fast removal, with the promise that the bees would be heading off to local orchards to do good through pollination.

That was before the beekeeper talked with an established resident and learned that the hive had been in the building for over 2 years. Looking up, he declared in broken English "that's going to be a lot of honey."

I had no idea that by "honey" he meant honeycombs.

To date, it's estimated that this hive is around 6 cu ft large. All located near the roof of this one building. For those unable to imagine the scale, what that translates to is a wall of honeycombs sitting over the heads of a 3 bedroom, 1200 sq ft apartment. Basically the residents of this unit are sleeping under a wall of honey with approximately 30,000 bees. The beekeeper was only able to remove 3 ft of combs when he was out, leaving with a promise to return if management would give him approval to access the rest of the hive through the ceiling of this unit (side note: it would be highly beneficial for management to approve this as the remaining bees will likely fill the vacated space in a couple of weeks, leaving them with the same problem).

It's a bit overwhelming to think about. But the good news is that all these bees are highly sought after due to colony collapse disorder, meaning that instead of exterminating this hive, management plans on renting them out for a decent fee.

In addition to this spectacle, I found myself roped into renting a cat trap. This property currently has 2 strays, one of which has a rather painful looking growth under his eye that needs attention. After contacting animal control, I was told to rent a cat trap to catch him and bring him into the shelter so they could treat him. Further investigation resulted in finding a local humane society that has a woman who specializes in feral cats on staff, who happens to rent out cat traps. I'm very much in over my head with this, but this kitty needs medical attention so I'm planning to move forward (all while assuring Grey that we're not about to add anyone else to the household).

But the neighbors have gotten wind of this endeavor too.

Combined with my growing patio garden.

And I have a slightly scary disposition that has been making life difficult for the the local drug dealer and property management (it's amazing how the threat of police and legal action tends to motivate both parties).

Today, one of the local kids came up to me and asked me if I was a witch. Taken aback for a second, I asked her why she would think such a thing.

"Well, you have cats, care about bees, are trying to catch the sick kitty, make tree limbs break, grow a weird garden and have crazy hair that needs to be styled."

Trying to suppress a grin, I got down to this child's level and ask what they thought the answer was.

Thinking hard for a minute, eyeing me the whole time, she declared I was a witch, likely a good one. Good because she could see Jaxson and Daisy looking back at her in the window.

"But you scare me" she said, before running back to her friends. Checking behind her to make sure I wasn't following.

Cat trapping is being scheduled. Let's see if I can live up to the rumors.


  1. Oh, this cracks me up. On one hand, it's funny to me that you appear fearsome. Powerful? Yes. But fearsome, no. On the other, you ARE so caring, making the world better for kids, cats, and bees. This child is actually pretty sharp calling you a good witch!

    And Cristy, the comment you left on my blog this morning made my heart swell. I feel the same about our lunch, too <3

  2. Oh my goodness -- "Are you a witch?" Kids, right??

    Re: the bees -- I read a fabulous book a while back called "They Left Us Everything" by Plum Johnston, about how she cleared out 50 years worth of memories from her parents' huge house after her mother's death, and what she learned about her family & herself in the process. She kept hearing a faint hum as she worked, but could never figure out what it was. After the house was sold, she was in the area & wound up speaking to the new owners, who took her inside & showed her their renovations in progress. Apparently the hum she heard was a gigantic bee colony that had taken up residence in the living room ceiling... it was a huge room & so it was a huge colony. There was so much honey up there it was starting to stain the ceiling!

  3. OMG! My eyes were bugging out with the bee(hive) story and then I got to the part where the kid asked if you were a witch....that’s too awesome! There are worse things to be than a good witch.

    My daughter is into witches and anti heroes at the moment. So my mind is on it!

  4. Kids do get the most interesting ideas, for sure!

    Wow, that is a beehive! Definitely a good idea for management to get that dealt with - both for the sake of the bees and also because rotting honey tends to do bad stuff to construction along with attracting pests. Cool that they were able to take the bees to an orchard to do good work. Much needed, for sure.

    Good luck with the cat trapping!

  5. Oh dear, I'm really not keeping up with my feed. This is fascinating - 30,000 bees had my jaw drop to the floor. And the conclusion that you're a witch, but a good witch, is so funny!


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