Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Slowing down

Last Monday, following a week of battling a sore throat and fatigue, I decided to chance a trip into Urgent Care. Sitting in the waiting room, multitasking on things that needed to be completed, I found myself second-guessing my decision to waste 2 hours waiting in line. After all, I couldn't be that sick.

2 hours later, sitting in an exam room, the attending physician walked in holding the results from my fast strep test, sat across from me and asked me what I was doing to take better care of myself. A bit shocked, I muttered something about She-Beat's surgery and He-Beat being out of sorts (kid would later be diagnosed with tonsillitis, but cleared from strep). Shaking her head, she announced that those weren't good answers, at which point I asked her "it's positive, isn't it?"

"Fastest result we've gotten all weekend," she answered.

With that, I was sent home with a prescription for antibiotics and a doctor's note instructing all involved to make me take it easy. Grey's been loving having this new-found power.

I've been struggling with slowing down. Despite having a new position that starts next week and a few other irons in the fire, there's an ongoing fear that if I relax and become too comfortable that I'll find myself once again unprepared for a job transition. A big part of this was finding myself blind-sided with my contract not being renewed (despite it actually being a good thing as I was fairly miserable in that position). The other part is all the work it's taken to get to the point I'm at now with connections and potential opportunities. The idea of letting up isn't something I'm close to comfortable with.

The problem is, though, that I'm rapidly hitting burn-out from the never ending marathon. When most learn that we've arrive to the area about 2 months ago, they express shock that Grey and I are seemingly functioning at the level we are. Part of it has been lucking out with certain aspects (the new preschool being a major one), but there's also been a lot of pushing on Grey and my end. And our bodies and health are showing it, with us both losing track of how often we've been sick, fighting a cold or a fever, pushing through moments where curling up on the couch is what we want most. And though it is possible to do this pushing for awhile, it's also not uncommon to hit the wall if moments to rest are ignored.

So this week, I'm forcing myself to slow down for at least part of the day. Which is actually insanely hard to do given the guilt I have for ignoring items on my to do list. This morning I'm already failing given that I'm at a coffee shop, obsessing about this assignment I need to finish (340 words, 160 words to go). But I also feel it in my brain, knowing that some time away will allow for healing and repair. Slowing down even when it doesn't feel like the right thing to do.


  1. Good! So happy to read this! I have found for myself that I need to rest most when I feel like I don’t have time. Also, I totally understand the feelings of not wanting to let go... as though by letting go the very things that you hope will happen never will. It’s not rational, we all know this, but it’s the hardest thing to do.

  2. Now I understand your need to play!

    I hope by now you are feeling better, and it sounds like you are figuring out sustainable ways for you and Grey to function. It sounds so simple to "slow down" and to "play," but it's not exactly easy.

  3. Slowing down is good! And don't worry about the new job - you'll be ready for it when it comes!

  4. Hope you are feeling better now! Take care of yourself! <3 (A yoga class, maybe?) (((hugs)))

  5. I read this one out of order with "crossroads," and holy cow, yes, uncertainty IS exhausting! A friend of mine swears by this book "The Body Knows the Score" about stress and how it will manifest itself through your body, and it sounds like slowing down is a GREAT idea for you. You've had so much thrown at you in the past year. I hope you feel better soon, and things fall into place with less uncertainty.


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