Thursday, October 4, 2018


Tomorrow Teddy goes in for surgery. My morning has been spent on the phone, making final arrangements for a 2-week absence and rearranging deadlines to accommodate. In addition to this, I'm fulling in job hunting mode, already fielding some interesting conversations from potential employers and reworking resumes and cover letters to circumvent HR entirely. All this while dealing with all the other drama.

So in light of this heavy, you can imagine my amusement finding this bathroom graffiti. The polarizing and provocative statements, poems, and observations written by authors who have newly entered adulthood and are holding an audience who has next to no choice but be surrounded.

A reminder that so many things we see in black-and-white can become grayed as we walk down our individual roads in life.


  1. Amused :-)

    I hope today has gone well.

  2. Well, dinosaurs ARE cool. Hence why it needs to be written down in the bathroom.

    Sending really good thoughts for today's surgery.

  3. I hope all went well, and all the other pieces are coming together. I love that dinosaurs are cool, and the "don't date, ever" one made me chuckle.


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