Tuesday, October 16, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: Adding light

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Even though the sadness is less acute, there's a bit of calm that comes when we remember them. Because though only a handful of people even knew of their existence and short time here with us, they still were here. No less loved than their siblings we are fortunate enough to be able to hold.

So we add to the light, remembering all the others who left too soon. 


  1. What a powerful image. Thinking of you and all the lights that remember tiny lives lost.

  2. Beautiful. By remembering your little ones, it helps to know that others recognise mine (and all those millions of others), and that they were real, our little lost sparks of life. (With a nod to my friend Lysanne Sizoo who wrote a book called Little Sparks of Life.)

  3. Abiding with you and remembering.

  4. Tiny lights, shining in the darkness. Sending (((hugs))).


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