Tuesday, October 23, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: While Grey was away

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Last Thursday I began my adventures in solo parenting, with many highs and lows. While Grey was away, the goal was to keep a routine and avoid any craziness. So far that hasn't happened.

While Grey was away last Friday morning, Maddy and Teddy were greeted with a schoolyard filled with pumpkins.

Which ended with them insisting we do something with these pumpkins. 

While Grey was away on Saturday, the day was filled with carving, roasting, and baking.

While Grey was away Saturday evening, Maddy and Teddy witnessed their first major car accident. While out biking, we heard a loud BANG and found the driver and passenger of a pickup truck that was now totaled staggering around while bleeding from head wounds. Seems their attempts to beat a red light by taking a left-hand turn went wrong with them crashing into the signal instead. A conversation about distracted driving has been ongoing.

While Grey was away Sunday, more fun events found us. Following another casing incident involving 3 young men (who are clearly bored and acting stupid) who I ended up talking with in order to scare them off the property, the morning was spent calming all my freaked-out neighbors, gathering evidence, and learning about the drug dealing that has been happening.  

While Grey was away Sunday afternoon, I thought had Jaxson died. Seeing this sleeping kitty in his hut, I gave him a quick pat and kiss, which normally wakes him. When he didn't move, I gave him a brief shake. It was when he still didn't move, laying there completely motionless the panic set in and the vigorous shaking started. Maddy and Teddy have since had many questions about death and dying.

While Grey was away Monday I braved the commute into the city, finishing my work early and dealing with being harassed on the BART. Looking for new employment has become the priority.

And while Grey was away, Lucus and I connected for a cousin playdate. We had a moment where he confessed he thought all of Grey's stories were just him being overly dramatic. The gas explosions outside of Boston made him reconsider and he's had many questions for me about how we're handling all our current events.

We still have a few more days before Grey returns from his business trip, with him brimming with stories about his adventures, how great the experience has been, and all the food he's been eating (chicken feet anyone?). So far, though, it hasn't been boring for any of us while Grey has been away.


  1. The pumpkin day looks like a delightful detour :-).

    Yikes on some of the other pieces: car accident, upt-to-no-gooders, BART harrassers. I hope Jaxson is OK! My heart dropped as I saw the scene unfold in my imagination.

  2. I'll echo Lori's "yikes!" to some of that stuff. Hopefully Jaxon is doing well now. Ugh to the casing and drug dealing and harassment on BART - sorry you're having to deal with that.

    The pumpkins are beautiful, though! Both the schoolyard and the ones you carved.

  3. Well, I'm glad for the pumpkins -- yikes, sounds like you had your hands full! (((hugs)))


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